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Areas like he's talking over you. Yeah. Look at him. He really broke this onto himself. It's true. I don't blame. I don't blame us know at all. I think we should leave him outside a little longer than. You know? I mean, here's the thing. He could he could jump over that and get in the back. Oh, really? This. Wait. Let's pretend like we said. Oh, yeah. Done. Okay. This is really fun. Now, he's really engaged in that. It's true. I'm locked in booking. He tried to lock you out. But. I'm pissed off. What did I miss? What did you guys talk about light your what did you say about back? Oh, yeah. Gotta listen to your rain Platt. Let's just say this a lot. Yeah. Yeah. -ccomplish? We talked about just got some things. Pause. Well, we pause, okay? Actually pose with. You wanna know? But I need to know because I don't know if you guys set any secrets you for real. Yes. Are you feeling left out? Are you feeling so getting out of the? We didn't. We didn't say anything about you. Brennan. We didn't say what we would have said. Like, what are you worried that we said, what are you worried that we said? Gone. You were like don't let him back in one hundred percent. Okay. Locked you fear of something that we said, well, you're well, I don't know started ripping your fears of what we said, it was like the dumbest thing, you could imagine. He's like hope we're not talking about about my outfit right now. That's great outfit. And we talked about that we talked about it off pod. And that's the thing is off pod. We locked you out. Like, they turned him either. Like does it hard lying to Brandon about how he dresses? And I was like, yeah. I have to think of new lies every day, his are, actually, mediocre and. And. Oh, yes. Yes. Yes. You know? All I can just leave. Okay. I can just leave Jack. Why is this cruise pod? I come in here. Kyw? We'll start recording a gun. I come in here. And I am I've displayed nothing but love and affection for our guests for you. And for myself at that part. And then I'm I just feel like. Now, I just feel like Jack is kind of being violent. Jack. Do you sort of saying? Yeah, he's letting me right now. Yeah. Well, as has been established, I love gaslight. Yeah. Yeah. I have a gas. I guess I mean Elliott Geraldine was sick. And she was like about to cancel because actually, I don't know if you're you're fine Josie. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. No. Yeah. I had a meltdown and was like, oh, I don't feel like I can be on a rift podcast right now. So I cold Brandon was like, hey, I feel I don't feel. Well, I also have a called like I don't think I'm gonna come. And he was like I can do it. He's like you could do and fully Gus let me into into being him. But for me and. Yeah, so I will sue. Yeah. Yeah. I don't know if I mentioned this. I am a lawyer. Okay. Great. So looking for cases, I'm a freelance lawyer just you know, the puck is not incorporated you could individually sue him. Oh, yeah. I was I was going. I I was gonna suit to break you up as a unit. Okay. And then I was just going to go to everybody's obsessed with suing me. Brennan's back then the spring back. He's more high. I will say I didn't eat lunch. Oh, no. But all fucking order food. It's fun. Something I think about constantly share. At least once a week is the Tiga song hookah, featuring young folks..

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