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Gonna take notice of what we're doing and maybe that's going to. maybe it's just gonna help us get to the big leagues is it is a group because you always remember those guys around those championship teams I don't care if it's little leaguer high school and and I remember those guys on our championship team so this is really good thing for them and they get to play one more game. I'm looking at the notes here they're gonna play. hello Columbus that's the Indians triple a team. on a Tuesday night. for a winner take all it's a one game series but it was great when when Stephen Vogt found out about it he was one of the guys that was the plate for the river Kansas year healed over to Mike you strip ski Hey we're gonna get a ring yeah and he was psyched up about it eighty three guys suited up for the river cats eighty three and we were talking about the cut the giants now have have like sixty three or sixty two now because they made a couple of moves today but that's a lot but eighty three that makes sixty to look like we weren't even trying as we were joking about you know what to do how about next week just let Bumgarner use one of these options and let him pitch right and everybody kind of left in the dugout and then somebody said yeah but did you see was playing sure stuff for the visiting team it was Carlos Correa. is that right is on a rehab he was on a rehab planned shortstop for the Round Rock triple A. Astros. it's great but you know if you just when you are on a winning team and like you said whether it's in little league high school college whatever you don't ever forget it in for the giants to be able to have their triplet club when it the Sacramento. which is a great ballpark in a great fan base to support at the Sacramento fans gave the river cats this year they all talk about it when they get to the big leagues here they all talk about how what a great place it was so for those eighty three guys that want we tip our cast year and you rewarded those great fans for all the support that they gave you a lot of rings that's a lot of rings the screw cap on baseball enjoy the screen..

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