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Many years of torture and rape as a child. It was clear to me. This woman had been a prisoner of war as a child is was. Pow story montgomery allegedly was beaten and raped by her stepfather for many years gang-raped and urinated on by his friends and tormented by her mother before being married off at age eighteen to her abusive stepbrother. For public news service. I'm suzanne potter original reporting for. This story came from. Natalie swire for ms magazine. What house democrats moving forward on impeaching president donald trump and a coalition of west virginia lawmakers and civil rights groups are calling on state. Legislators there to also oust and disbarred attorney general for participating what they're calling and un-american effort to disenfranchise voters in the presidential election attorney general. Patrick morrissey entered west virginia into a federal lawsuit last month challenging election results in four swing states with large african american populations according to ryan franken berry with the west virginia. Working families. party. He says morrissey also spurred on rioters in the nation's capital last week with robo calls that promoted false claims about the election. Morpheus betrayed his of our state and our nation over and over again by adding west virginia unethical. Un-american lawsuits aimed at disenfranchising minority voters. Patrick morrissey is unfit to hold the highest law enforcement office in west virginia. Lorcy says the lawsuit was needed to consider unconstitutional actions. That have occurred in the states during the two thousand and twenty elections. I'm diane bernard meantime the attack all the capital last week has shocked angered many some in arizona. seats roots. An extreme rhetoric of prostate leaders. Sandra solas is a community organizer with arizona's day human rights movement. We've seen how these elected officials can actually cause more political tensions and cause more violence in our communities and that their actions do have a bigger riff on do have a big consequence in our communities. So we'll be riders at the capitol have been identified as zones and have been arrested since the attack. This is pms employees. A google or forming the alphabet workers union both to push their parent company toward greater social responsibility and ensure workers are treated fairly. It's a rare occurrence in the technology industry. But andrew gainer do war a software engineer at google. Founding member of the union says alphabet workers have a history of workplace activism in twenty eighteen. More than twenty thousand. Google employees staged a walkout for its parent company's handling issues of sexual harassment. And just last month. Roughly two thousand. Google employees signed a letter requesting transparency about the exit of dr tim. Net gabriel from the company. She's an ai researcher who criticized alphabets lack of diversity leadership towards more accountability. We wanna see them take responsibility for what we've built and for its potential to both do really amazing things for people but also to provide a space where really horrible things can strengthen grow gainer. Divorce has the power of youtube alphabet. Subsidiary was on display last week when a mob of trump's supporters stormed the us capital. He says there's a sense among members that has ample power but is no longer accountable to what their workers want for public news service. I'm looney bulky protests in portland in response to george. Floyd killing drew national attention over the summer or tatum for ports months later. Portlanders still are taking to the streets and they're organized isabela garcia with. Yes magazine details. The movement which she says relies on community groups and mutual aid services a volunteer network of people supporting each other with whatever they need. While floyd's death was the spark garcia says the protests have evolved paying attention to things such as local law enforcements budget and the role of the police union that continuous thought in how these protests were being executed. I think is a pretty big and finally drug policy advocates say marijuana legislation must include dedicated community andrea. Sears has more from new york during his state of the state address on monday. Governor andrew cuomo once again said legalization of marijuana for adult used as a priority for this year's legislative session the governor's proposed licensing opportunities and assistance in communities of color that have been disproportionately impacted by drug enforcement for decades but melissa more new york state director of the drug policy alliance says legalization which is expected to raise more than three hundred million dollars. A year in tax revenue must also include restitution directing resources to the neighborhoods and the communities that were within the eye of the target of the war for so long. This is by clifford News service we are listed supported heard on radio stations across the nation and online at public deserves dot. Org it is look at your latest weather from the heartland newsfeed weather center tonight. Expect partly cloudy skies with wind speeds remaining consistent to ten miles. Put our though. In the mid to upper twenties there will be mostly sunny skies juice day with wind speeds from the southwest of ten to fifteen miles per hour expected high end below to mid forties. Tuesday night clear skies win from the southwest of ten miles per hour. Lulu around thirty. That's the latest weather checkouts more news and weather on our website at heartland newsfeed dot com.

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