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Dollars barron ladder quinn. One hundred john or who was night. I believe one hundred dollars sir. Brian tobias in the baron of cheese kingdom eighty eight eight. David wicker seventy four twenty one and this is a special donation For independence day. Four to one get nice very nice. David whitaker started off in gerry. Abramson in reno nevada. And i'm just going to name names and where they're from for this particular seventy four twenty one donation y n. kartini in torrington connecticut christian marino Jesse smith in woonsocket rhode island. I've actually been to. My mom grew up in woonsocket. The best Charles couch sir carries the viscount of greater boston. Jeff gallant gentleman gal entered in montereau throw washington john bassano in madison alabama scott jalbert in columbia south carolina pocket cirque lake porter the ronin and seven f s in seventy three. Seventy one from him carlsberg. California gordon gibson in dallas texas Ed warner is in columbia falls montana. Christopher reamer rimmer are'more joe gates in layton ville california over that is matthew lehnhard matt matthew first donation loves the show would like deed douched and he wants to cut out josh b. and b. as a douchebag last on this list is matt bulky in minnetonka minnesota and he wants monk carmo give you that at the end job monk karma on. We're with jacob dual. Mon is six six six or delman a matthew golden in the planes illinois. Chris bailey fifty five fifty six or matthew is fifty five sixty brian. I really fifty five ten saturn lizards. Oh saturday cassatt. Saturn lizards was a homeless. That's when he came to the show and he's no longer homeless and he's supporting the show in very very happy for him. Dynamite john. bolton's mustaches. Back for these three thirteen. John fitzpatrick fifty one. Eleven and hieber springs arkansas. Baronet sir fee. Nom in appleton wisconsin fifty eighty four brett beatty fifty seventy six surgeon fifty thirty three sonia pain in paragon. Indiana by the way brent and sonia. Birthday call outs. Suzanne clay camp fifty one fifty twenty one and then joseph spinoza in fort white florida after the old one the following people are fifty dollar donors naming location will get through those with sir stu and chelmsford essex uk first of all cameron in in sacramento darryl cook in lebanon tennessee. Woo woo coke vow to cook vodka. Kook walter cook in the united states and he's in sirte. The mayor suitor mir zu termeer. He has a belated birthday. Shout out the best brother fred. The magic mechanic should we put it on the list. I will go ahead and continue. Yeah baron bob goose. In high point north carolina another pocket dan scalise in vernon connecticut. Stephan the in littleton colorado Adrian is porto in hayward california matthew sir matthew longtime supporter matthew janice zeus key in chicago. The john prison parts known phillip jordan in stanley wisconsin. Marcus molar in this. Fifty dollar donors are also happy independent state. Many times often. marcus mueller. And he's in deutschland nick per capita in monroe connecticut. James blair in holland ohio who says Vandenberg and jovan saw james says happy. Five thousand days of no agenda sir. Duma baron of the black swamp. He's looked it up. He personally has been listening for four thousand three hundred eighty one days. Love that yes. thank you loretta. Vandenberg in provencal. Or i don't know how to pronounce that town's name it's louisiana could be pronounced twelve and all could be pro province called knows david beach in san antonio texas and know how to pronounce. That robert tyler. Low in land israel pennsylvania edginess roman. James sheremet sheremetyevo in napa oke or napa knock new york timothy kilkenny the second in lynnwood washington. Unc summer summer our summer or summer some roar in houston sir de ins. Kansas city missouri As opposed to kansas. Terry cameron in port saint john bc. And terry last list on terry is blue. Realize a while back that. I've supported the show long enough now eligible to become a knight. Been listening to the show since two thousand fifteen started monthly donation after listening to only a few shows due to the quality content and deconstruction. I'd like to be knighted sir. Terry of the north piece Also fording inquiring minds want to know dot com to agenda website. Thanks for all the info and the laughs. And thank you for your support. Terry in last on our list is andrew. And i believe it sir. Andrew oxen ham in knoxville tennessee. Wanna thank these folks for supporting making show Thirteen sixty one a reality and can't thank you enough and also thank you to everybody under fifty dollars that is always for reasons of anonymity but there's a lot of people who are using are taking advantage of the Multiple subscription options. You have which are great for sustaining donations. When it's not a big celebration like today we thank you so much for producing the best podcast. in universe. The longest running value for value experiment.

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