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Bill bar to be the next attorney general bar was AG during the final two years of the administration of president George H W Bush ABC chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl has more bar will be seen as a relatively non-controversial choice in establishment choice. But there are some things that he will be asked about undoubtedly one of which last year, he suggested that there is more reason to invest. Gate allegations against Hillary Clinton than Russian collusion with the Trump campaign. Also, a former host on Fox News. Emily Nauert spokeswoman for the State Department. The buzz ramping up this morning. Also that chief of staff John Kelly will resign soon and likely be replaced by Pence's chief-of-staff. Nick Ayers special counsel. Robert Muller set to explain the alleged lies of President Trump's former campaign chairman the special counsel team said last month. It's cooperation agreement reached in September with former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort collapsed because he had been repeatedly lying Manafort disputed, and the judge gave the special counsels team until now to explain what Manafort allegedly lied about. He pleaded guilty to avoid a second trial on financial fraud charges after his conviction in the first he is scheduled to be sentenced next year and faces what for the sixty nine year old could amount to a lifetime in prison. That's ABC's. Aaron Katersky like communities all over the US. Denver officials are considering changing the rules when it comes to Airbnb rentals city auditor, Tim O'Brien says Denver needs. To do more to regulate Airbnb and alter licensing rules for short term rentals. He does however say the city's doing a better job of tracking contracts that rocks the Coliseum and the Denver performing arts center. Connor schrief KOA NewsRadio October another record-setting month at DIA more than five point seven million passengers going through the airport United frontier and south west all adding new routes out of Denver in October a day that will live in infamy commemorations in Hawaii today on the seventy seventh anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack and just hours after being announced as the host of the twenty one thousand nine Oscars Kevin Hart announces he won't host the event after criticism over jokes. He made about gay people in sports the Avs over the Panthers. Five to two in the nuggets visit Charlotte tonight. Our next.

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