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So we'll barton can be that guy for this year but other than their own firstround pick when we consider the tax burden on this team they're not going to have many mechanisms for that so i would say that's not a primary target peboeut an interesting secondary one if the right player were available and dose or certainly more numerous than wings taken fit fit what they're trying to do so it is really about what assets they want to one a kind of put to bare on this and they have significant ones but what are they were willing to use now and then what do they wanna save to keep his ammunition to do the leader stuff that it sounds like they're going to need to do or your we thought we'd been forgetting most likely to be treated in this oval was vaughn lay for the blazers right yes definitely singler agha's for the thunder yeah yet goverry singler thank god you know as expensive it is that nick collison is is all a player on the roster rather than like an assistant coach ed not only that but what they need the russell spotlight anybody who could play at all in the just any backup center that they could have gotten for the minimum instead of him on that roster but would actually be contributing for them right is now time for me to bring up the stats that i didn't mention even notes near and dear your heart about how much the as of right now how much the ronnie price guarantee is costing them those never abed done for that the ronnie price guarantee at this moment with their current bill is costing the oklahoma city thunder eight point five million dollars this season the bed incredible that the eu massakin year incredible that the cut him incredible that they didn't before even play the game for them to keep some mogae kristen right like at that i've looked at us the budget grissom isn't even on the roster there's alec all men this goes so unbelievable like you just sees the backup point guard the job by the horns that other that they didn't stretch rodney price either when they're just in this tax health of these ex opel years when really pretty remarkable there i mean obviously impressed he has had a number of cruise over the.

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