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Toes really mangle than. Kinda surprised that somebody could have survived. It. ATSB investigators try to figure out why the plane crashed Paul says pilots around the area have voiced concern about the airstrip being small. This gentleman was was was landing and he's been here a bunch and as an experienced pilot. And so the perfect conditions. All the pilots. I talked to you today where we're dumbfounded that something like this would happen on a day like today. Now, we have reached out to the FAA officials tell us it's still unclear if they will investigate this deadly crash. That's komo's Tammy matassa reporting the partial government shutdown continues with no end in sight, Senator Patty Murray has returned home as it doesn't look like congress will be passing a funding Bill anytime soon. She spoke with furloughed workers at seatac airport where many are now going without a paycheck. There's immediate costs that we know, but there are ripple effects of this is well, we're hearing from small businesses as you all know around our national parks that are having trouble keeping their doors open. And it's unlikely Republicans will move on the issue as Mitch McConnell has said he will not bring any funding Bill up for a vote because of the president will not sign it a democratic state Senator under investigation for improper conduct has decided to resign Senator Kevin Rankin from orcas island sent governor. Jay Inslee resignation letter. On Friday evening rancor was under investigation since last fall over allegations of sexual harassment, and creating a hostile work environment. Ranker's decision comes days after Senate Democrats announced they were reconfiguring committees. Based on his decision to step down from committees. He chairs the allegations involve a former legislative assistant who says she had a consensual relationship with rancor before he was elected to the legislature. But claims she faced herash Smith from him when she rebuffed his advances while working for him. Now that the viaduct is closed to vehicles. It is attracting satellites wanting to bid the structure, farewell. Some people wanna beauty shots of last night's incredible sunset hundreds gained access onto the deck span until police and the state DOT showed up to ask them all to leave. Komo's Patrick Quinn explains. What the concern is. Now we had. Over by western avenue. We worked at all all the way from western over this.

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