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This is possible because of Harvey he is a wonderful human being a good friend and just a powerhouse as the kids would say knives that didn't age well not at all there's your next Democratic Front runner states right there Michelle Obama fawning over Harvey Weinstein's Stein if you ever want to just make yourself sick do a Google image search of Harvey Weinstein but China has no because he was one of those people that was where the pink little **** hats remember those of the the women's marches of course Harvey Weinstein was at the women's marches he was probably trying to pick up some tail willing or unwillingly new poll is out out of South Carolina this is from Clemson University and it looks like right now Joe Biden has a pretty commanding lead knowledge is eighteen point lead over the second place competitor in South Carolina at least according to this poll from Clemson you bye in eighteen point oh yeah I don't know how to buy a lead I don't know about the percentage there but I mean he was leading coming out of Nevada and he's got congressman Cliburn's endorsement now and the Cliburn's been a big fan of Biden's forever and I think we knew this going in so this might be of the Joe Biden come back to work Cliburn endorsement it's kind of a big deal a lot of these endorsements don't really mean anything but for like one of the most respected voices in South Carolina an African American for him to come out and say Biden is my guy that that carries a little bit awhile certainly will gonna be people to judge no no what surprises me in this poll is that the second place candidate Tom starrer Tom Stoddard in second place all right then I do believe this whole I never mind I was just thinking this whole loading up and saying come on comes a little bold pelo see just rip that pull Clemson still having that hang over from getting beat by Alessio any national championship football game just throwing out pole number just making stuff up but yeah according to this poll released from Clemson earlier today Joe Biden has an eighteen point lead coming up thirty five percent of the support Tom starrer a distant second at seventeen she like last night's debate better than the debate in Nevada which was the first appearance by Bloomberg it would seem like the the blood was in the water there I I I thought last night's topped the Vegas Nevada debate why because of the drama because it was chaos because there were more sharks in the water you add stop Tom Steiner to the debate last night more blood in the water more sharks and it was appear another chaos and I loved every minute I ported drink when I got I was I was already in the Joe Biden said malarkey so I can hop on social out of fireball live although the G. might might drink games room and mud like wet bar game is really weak like all my neighbors and old friends they have like fancy but a top shelf liquors in their in their house like you know Blanton's and great views and Johnnie Walker and like a half empty plastic travelers Jim being stuck in the back of my in my in my cabinet you know I had to they have theirs up for looks you drink all of your affairs is there to say all will kill my star bar looks at what is there to say what time does Tucker come there's a big white question though man I think the Nevada debate was my favorite just because I like seeing that deer in the headlights look on Bloomberg getting heat for the first time and everybody kind of ganging up on him him not answering the questions real well and that was the first time we saw any fire of any of these **** I thought Bloomberg had it you know the performance he gave last night was a complete turnaround from his performance last week in the bottom and it seems like almost it was like to come junior there almost he praised Donald Trump at one point his military record or you know you know building up the military Donald Trump got a couple shout outs if you'll recall that last night because of his age then we have the military a moderator started the questioning out with the the economy unemployment low in South Carolina the economy's good Bernie Sanders why should people like the socialist and immediately he he he diverted the billion absolute outsells goodwill billing as part of the else is has it good in this country right now it's only billionaires everybody else's miserable unhappy or pinyin what a rich guys are happy the country runs well okay there's that but I Beyonce Beyonce with everybody I don't get rich from doing this job okay but four oh one K.'s okay I live within my means I I've got a pretty good I hate to tell you I'm sorry to disappoint it read the only the billion is not just the billionaires have a good in this country you can like what you do and make a good living and there's nothing wrong with that and right now the jobs market is good for one case seem to be flourishing things seem to be going okay but if you watch these democratic debates you would think we're living in Venezuela you would think I mean it's just the worst place in the world all right and they want to turn it into Venezuela coming up next we get a little booze news here and we're getting ready for the president the president's gonna be speaking from Washington in regards to the corona virus he's going to address the country around six thirty we're gonna have coverage from fox news a little bit before then so do not go anywhere keep it locked right here two ninety three W. why BC the hammer Nigel show.

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