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They noted the school everything to present Children as much as possible. I feel like you have a good day. Once they get the swing of things. Teachers here in New York City are threatening to strike over concerns. The schools aren't doing enough to protect them locally. It's become a showdown in and over where teachers there say they're not going Go back inside their classrooms because many say they don't feel safe. That move is illegal. That's according to the school committee details from W. B. C. TV's Nick, and last week, the teachers union voted to participate in 10 days of professional development remotely as the union negotiates with the district on working conditions in the district. And the school committee. The superintendent are not negotiating in good faith. School officials say the buildings are safe and what happened was unfortunate and illegal. This is a situation in which there are no losers and no winners. The school committee believes the teacher's refusal to enter buildings is a violation of Massachusetts general laws, calling it an illegal work stoppage to committee voted unanimously to have legal counsel petition the Department of Labor relations the motion passes. 50. The teachers union has yet to respond to the committee's vote classes by the way and and over are set to begin two weeks from tomorrow. Well, WalMart is firing a shot across Amazons Bao. It's 7 38 details now from Bloomberg business. Here's Tom Busby. Well, thank you, Jeff. A lot of people still skittish about going into stores. So Walmart thinks the time is right for Walmart, Plus It'll cost $98 a year, and it's taking direct aim at Amazon Prime members get same day delivery on tens of thousands of items discounts at some gas stations and its doors. You could go to check out without waiting at a register. It starts September 15th on Wall Street investors looking for some kind of direction today, down futures up and down now down, 30. NASDAQ poised for a triple digit gains on the San Francisco Fed says the reason average worker wages rose last quarter. Even though the unemployment rates soared is most pandemic related. Job losses were among low wage earners. A lot of high earners work from home. I'm Tom Busby Bloomberg Business on W. B z, Boston's news radio. Get ready to say hello to the new queen of Instagram, who's got the crown details coming up next. It's 7 39. Who will be the first to know. Will be you will be will be because you listen to W B Z Boston News. Video Change requires innovation, foresight and the courage to set aside what was done yesterday to accomplish change. One must have a background of fearless innovation and the ability to withstand criticism from those who say we've never done it that way. Dr Shiva. I adore a m i t PhD Republican candidate for U. S. Senate is a change agent. As a scientist and inventor. Dr Shiva earned four degrees from MIT and started seven successful companies. Change has been his Hallmark, accomplished and hardworking Doctor Shiva can deliver the change. We need get out and vote in the Republican primary on September 1st for Dr Shiva. I adore our country needs real change, innovation and true leadership. Today, Dr Shiva adoring can provide that leadership that.

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