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That made in twenty open. And and i suppose maiden twenty s at monmouth are about equivalent. Then maybe even a touch then probably close probably close to new york bred forties right maiden open company made twenty s. it's probably close anyway He get jose luis. Cano and farren. Peterson road last time. Luciano probably probably an upgrade. I not to take a. I'm not trying to take a shot at ferret but I thought oprah d at twelve to one was very competitive in here. And not the only one i picked the jimmy bond and i don't think probably come down from that six to one a couple of couple of ticks Stella marsden social world absolutely the logical three two one seven to two but beyond oberlin as in a the one in three. We should know you got to i. There's here tom. Morley has got path less taken. This is a bellamy road. Philly morley three firs last eight debut in medan claiming company and carlos martin with the exact. Change the central banker philly He's a for his last six. So you got strong positive. Our allies on on both i or stats and i think either one of them. I mean it's not like anybody in here is so scary That if a i r comes out running then i'm going to give you one one more horse i used as a b. That's the eleven. New york's supreme. This is a bit of a morning. Glory as the worst that is as shown best Working and the clockers lover and and she always seems to to fire in the morning. She has to translated into the afternoons. She's been away a long time but with some maturity she's a four year old facing you know a lot of three year olds that's Up she's giving five pounds away but There's some things to like including Ricardo santana junior. Who can motivate a horse. Hasn't been seen since last year so with those workouts underneath. Maybe she's improved now a forty. That's a possibility and Just natural improvement from three to four might be enough And and when she left he looked at her competitively she. She is going to have to improve a handful lancs. But i can tell you that constitutions from you know as they mature they they improve and and their their figures just a natural improvement should make her competitive. So i thought this was a very treacherous in my right up festival. The six sources is a little table to that Fifteen shell devon's always scary Seem to improve a little bit last time with the going to a sprint. On the turf in dropping in for a tag that was again arguably the best race yet so now cutting back even a little further and what that went under the belt to make a case. There is one of those races the way you kind of want the data wind up so the get outrace gives you a chance to to maybe make a little money and have a little fun certainly if you have a price and pick that will do it but even if you with that only this last race i think he can play around. Have a little fun in the tenth day. I do want to mention At my right up is at the website Got it up. Put it up over there. Early do i mentioned this morning. Doing the the play of the day that the paula play the day On capitol tb. We're going to have a couple of strong favorites in the to maiden specials. The fifth that hope over fear for chad brown or for bill maher. I should say matas got a positive. Roi viewing horses a mile and beyond that is notable the daham actually a turkey and That is a positive and is showing some morning ability show hitting at some at some talent hope over fear twelve one and so i would be very conscious expand the map. Certainly the clara vich. Irish chad Rudder looks well prepared doubt and there's also Hail to we should know woods lane farm and tom albertrani debut in this one. This is out of dynair Sadler's joy and and family So plenty of pedigree. There clermont's got a pair. They both seen just okay. pizza bianca and I forget the other one Is a second one on the inside valley bell. They'd been working together and neither of them seem particularly ripe with talent. And i made my depalma play. This dairy name The three in the sixth race who just does seem for clermont to be working ready to fire and comes out of the steak winning turf. Sprinting mare the heart spun. Airport mcghee That water waterville campaigned. And you know a quality road out of a state winning mare Kind of kind of has it over the rest of this field state rats and you get rosario yet and i will that You had the the nice lead into your played they were. You said how you were going to formulate it. And i think you you made the right call in that play the day you can go a lot of different ways you can go with most likely winner or find some value and you said mostly you're going to try to find those sources that may be kind of float under the radar finds something a little bit but maybe it is is not on the page and add some value. Did a great job opening day with a nice price. And i think that's what people like with that whole play the day concept to find them something that they can come over here and have some fun with you. Know i it to me it. It'll this may be the only maiden race. I use all year just because this one on paper really seemed to stand out. I mean if you don't typically make a best bat ever it's a dangerous proposition. That do it all the time. Well really all the time. I don't know all the time. But i i done it frequently. I see see. I like a lot of people. Don't i like the two year old races up reading. And and so i think if you can find something a little bit clever i'll i will jump in and take the shop though as best bet with those. But i totally get where you you're coming. It is a little bit dicey than obviously going with the horse that has more form and some.

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