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And they could do this or they will go through it hair a year while billy andrade are driving be great big at work i'm not here with a few hundred air dr important eucanada glad you could be royally i appreciate your call i got to squeeze melbourne in here i can't stay with you to the bottom of the hour uh but it almost sounds like we need a president who will drain that kind of swamp let me ruined the by you get it almost sounds like we need a president who will drain that kind of swamp 501 four three three zero zero nine two steve and conway you're on newsradio one or two point nine karn what's up hey if they're going to let them stay here we're going to look like that they're going down don't give them a path to citizenship just give them a work can work as long as they want long as they don't go to jail or get a foul near become a troublemaker but no path to citizenship that way they vote well let me ask you this all once they legalize them and they say but you can't be as soon as soon and we're not going to let your vote the do you think that states like california will give him a driver's licenses and let them vote anyway number one and number two don't you think the aclu we'll sue on their behalf because hey it's unfair that you can let them live here legally but you're not going to allow them a path to citizenship law without the citizenship and that's really what they want to make your backyard come through like everybody else did but here's the deal is it looks like they are going to give a man of the anyway that'd be at least half way up remind but bill you know uh you can't let them have fifty kate thumb legally and get a citizenship i will new if they're bringing their kids year yeah that they can get about the citizenship bring 'em in illegally mike you you've got to be citizens urging war but if they're going to bring i mean yeah yeah i understand it at the should i agree with not bring a minute i agree with you boron saying is.

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