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But I just wanted to say this was very interesting. If you go to town and countries town country, MAG dot com, and you read this article, you know, with with the philosophy with the expectations. You would see from a magazine told town and country talking about Anne Hathaway and his like editorial moment, but it's not really notorial because I don't know what town country magazine is really in the sense. But I just wanted to say some great quotes here. They feel like really just sold it on a warm day. The last gasp of San Francisco's fashionably late summer Hatheway breezes into tea manufacturer with nary a whiff of Daphne Kluger, her movie star character in oceans, but this Hatheway in town visiting family blends into the casual crowd clad in jeans, a plaid shirt tied around her waist and beat up conference sinkers Hermosa. Portent accessory a FedEx envelope with her ballot for the midterm election. Like. Absolutely. And then right next that over rose limited computers, halfway talks openly thoughtfully, but her career stopping to say, thank you so much to every eager weight or who comes our way. I love it. But but I'm ready for the in Hathaway Assan Slyke, fringe BAC. I want the Scorpio energy back in my life. I'm here to say, I'm here to say, I'm ready to accept and out the way back into the fold. I think generally, I think she's ready. I mean, the Rosa future like I need. I haven't even tried that yet. Like, I need to find out like that brand. I've been seeing everywhere vibes. Spelled with a y God V Y be like V Y is all like lower case in the KOMO thick phone swings. Buckton? Can I also mentioned real quick go just so, you know, the kind of caliber this magazines operating at their feature article there featured articles in this issue include. Let's all just moved to New Zealand is exercise making fat and my favorite mummy. Are we rich the right way to talk to your kids about money? Sometimes co says he knows. Yeah. Prevalent five two things that we're going to get into okay? Some press releases just came out of the Pete Davidson camp. Oh, what is the update on that? Isn't it funny? How he kind of just truly them. So here's our. Deers are bad bleeds job updates. You really were waiting for that one. So this comes from Twitter from an account called pop alarms don't care about what that is all about. So Pete Davidson wanted a second opinion about the size of his penis. And he got one during a stand up comedy show at Tarrytown music. Call in New York over the weekend, the Saturday Night Live star revealed to the crowd that he hooked up with a friend after his split from Arianna Guerande who wants to the world he was packing ten inches. I got with my friend, who's how do I say a fast loose woman. The we hooked up and I asked her, okay? What is the size of my penis in comparison? So she goes on to say that you know, what I'm not to say. Just not going to say, I mean, is it just not a cry for help? What goes on to say something that is shocking in the extreme. So go look up for yourself. What she says is I will not be saying it is it safe to say that around it was exaggerating. Or not she was exaggerating. Okay. I also wanted to say that in the same article. I read that his mom who's a school nurse gets bullied at school. Sing thank you next or the Holloway..

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