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Connections to folks in the military either they served or their beloved family members have served or their parents or grandparents have served this nation so honorably and I know with this audience because of the the commitment to honoring those people who serve this is an audience is very serious about things like stolen valor you know these people who pretend to be a war heroes when they're not there's just something really really awful about a person who would claim to have served in a combat situation served in the military the when in fact they didn't I think it's just as bad to claim that you were act different sorts of events and and occurrences are connected to the military when maybe warrant I think it's it's equally disingenuous and dishonest and unfortunately former vice president Biden has run into a bit of a of a jam and I can't believe I'm going to praise the Washington post but I am going to praise the Washington post about this because they haven't covered this story so here's how the story goes and it may sound like it's gonna be a little bit confusing but we have audio that will help make sense of this for you to digest a former vice president Biden has been telling crowds repeatedly a distorted story in order to drum up support for his campaign gets out there on the campaign trail and he focuses on on the details of this story they keep changing about how many trips he's taken to visit US soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq and there's one particular story that Biden likes to talk about during speeches about how he honored a navy captain for his bravery during a tour of Afghanistan's Kunar province so the Washington post exhortation a piece of the story said that Biden is telling and they describe it this way some told him it was too risky but Biden said he brushed off their concerns we can lose a vice president he said we can't lose many more of these kids not a joke the navy captain Biden recalled Friday night had repelled down a sixty foot ravine under fire and retrieve the body of an American comrade carrying him on his back now the general wanted Biden to pay no silver star on the American hero who despite his bravery felt like a failure he said Sir I don't want the damn thing Biden said his jaw clenched in his voice rising to a shout do not put it on the server please Sir do not do that he died he died the room was silent that's the god's truth Biden said as he told the story my word as a Biden three two barrel tells the story a problem never actually happened instead it appears that vice president Biden is stitching together a bunch of memories to tell one single embellished story with fluctuating recollections of the actual facts over the years part of Biden's story appears connected to how he visited Kunar in two thousand eight during which time the navy captain being applauded for Arabism was actually at a twenty year old army specialist and Kyle white but why didn't get a medal from Biden during the encounter that we did get the medal of honor from Obama years later she back in two thousand eight Joe Biden was just the center not a vice president post reports in Biden's story also draws elements from another event when he visited a base in Afghanistan watched specialist miles faults receive a bronze star who after saving a colleague under fire from the Taliban the one instance where Biden gave out a metal himself was what he bestowed upon army staff sergeant Chad workmen who felt like he didn't deserve it so he's got these gas he's got the story he's got these things so this is I'm a place you how long is this montage a couple minutes about three minutes almost about to okay almost three minutes but I want you here this is important this is so it's going to sound like it's disjointed these are different times he has told this story with different iterations so you're gonna hear like the facts kind of shifting change in the circumstances fifteen change that's by design the people over at Mediaite Ken Mayer put this together stitching together the different ways biting tells this story in well it's basically an invention in Biden's head so what's what you hear it this is what it sounds like I'm I'm gonna try not to start stop this is supporting her the flow so it's gonna go for a couple minutes here is Joe Biden telling a nonexistent story of his exploits overseas got out of Afghanistan and.

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