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Walk shame. Can they break your stride Indy. I look, I'm starting. With Germaine cursor my walk of shame. I guys, I don't feel good. No. No, we can attest to this foot clan. I've, we've all seen tilts. We've all been face to face. We've stared down the devil, but I've never seen my man just liquefy into the couch they, he's his league's dominated on Sunday and all he cared about was stupid Germain curse because apparently that's all the PDF haired about. I feel bad. I feel real bad. I and look. I had a Justin Tucker moment on this show. Oh, and I missed on Jemaine curse and I still, I still feel like the process was right, but I think putting him, you know, pivoting to him as the start of the week. I'm sorry. I didn't know how many people out there were dying for me to say his name to start him, but I, I've just had so much feedback people. Disappointed. I am. Sorry. It was a perfect storm of of of suc- for that offense. Last week darnold completed eighteen passes to wide receivers, and that includes. A noon. One prior, those guys were gone Jemaine curse. Last week had nine receptions this week, darnold completed a total of five passes to wide receivers, fine. He had a QBR of five point nine. This is that true completed seventeen of forty, two passes so Germain curse plate, ninety percents and goose. This was just real bad and I look if you started him. I'm sorry the this relate. This is show six hundred thirty three in our history. This is one of the top times. This is the worst I felt about. Like like Mike said, my teams killed it on Sunday. I was melting into the depressing because I just wanted curse to deliver for listeners and sometimes we get it wrong. 'cause basically we can't see the future and this relationship with you guys the listener, it's never changed. We tried to find opportunities. We try not. To be vanilla about everybody. We try to find the right storylines and ultimately present the case for you to decide whether you wanna play those guys or not. And I thought that you know, this one hurts more because I said to go spend your fab on him to write you. That's why it hurts more. It wasn't putting in from your bench. It was, you've signed wreck was, hey, go get him. And then if you need him, you can play him, you know, and it was a missed. It was amid, and I don't want to compound that miss by saying, double down and keep them on your officer. I think you can cut him. You think. Why look if you spent on him? That's right. I, I don't think it's a foregone conclusion that everybody out through spent ten or fifteen dollars a fab on. I just think says I just hang onto. I feel like people should have seen this coming whenever the fantasy reaper decides to go within the guy whose name is curse. Yeah, you've been true. Oh, come on. This is really on you. Sure. Yeah, let's let's do this blame them. No, but yeah, that was that was obviously a big poop poop of the week for me because I believed in him wholeheartedly. He wasn't alone in the Alan Robinson, you know, hoop this pants force. You had Tyler Boyd everyone waiting for. I mean, Tyler has been just on fire playing. Great. This was the perfect match. We talked about it in the beginning of the show, the Bengals as a core. I mean, it was like, if you didn't have AJ green, Joe mix and sucked Tyler Boyd's everyone was going, where is Tyler Boyd first-half that not even a target? No. And then look carry on apparently hurt kindergarten, Marvin Jones because they both struggled both of them. Poop their pants kindergarten day. Are you concerned Mike? No..

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