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Von with gina grad on news and bomb brian on sound of ax. Now his mob nickname was the brillo. Adam corolla yeah get it on got to get on the trotha got a mandate you get it on. Return an end. Thanks to tell the friend would love that about year. That's right bob brian. What in the white nonsense is this. All right Stuff to talk about before we get to Sammy the bull. Does it have anything to do with that. We'll get into all of the genus pointing to at some point Sammy the bull. Everyone knows the name. I don't know if everyone knows what he's accused of or what he did. or how. A trajectory was so I just had kaelin read me. his bio and i thought dawson should just read sammy. The bulls by us. So we're all sort of tuned up for when he comes in he confessed to involvement in nineteen murders as a government. Witness agreed to turn state's evidence in one thousand nine hundred one and testify against john gotti. It was sentenced to five years in prison. Having already served four then entered witness protection in arizona which he left in one thousand nine hundred five. He ran a major ecstasy trafficking organization in the ninety s grossing. Five hundred thousand dollars a week arrested on state and federal drug charges in two thousand and sentenced to twenty years released from prison in september. Twenty seventeen he played a key role in planning and executing the one thousand nine hundred five murder of gambino boss. Paul castellano soon after which it became underboss for the family born in benson hurst brooklyn new york. Both his parents were from sicily. Father ran a small dress factory and maintained a good standard of living favored emphasizing more sophisticated schemes involving construction trucking and garbage disposal instead of loansharking gambling hijackings. He joined the rampers a prominent street gang. In and hearst at age thirteen drifted into the la cosa nostra became a particular favorite of family. Boss joe colombo. He was initiated into the gambino family as a made man in one thousand nine hundred seventy six in committed his first murder in nineteen seventy when he shot joseph colucci in the head. He got the nickname sammy because someone once said he looked like his uncle sammy to made men solemn fight a few kids at once who stole his bike and they told him he fought like a bull. And that's where the name comes from so we'll talk to him see what he's he's doing a podcast love god. My question is if you turn state's witness and do all this stuff and go into witness protection. How are you how confident are you doing things like this. I mean do you just. Do you just outlive everybody. That would have a grievance against that I guess at a at a certain point. I mean also i don't know it was well chronicled than the steve martin film. My blue have true. But take these guys. You know you picture. The scene from goodfellas were really otas getting the table at the copa. And then you picture amid some two bedroom. Twelve hundred foot place outside phoenix. And you take that guy and you go. You're going to go from all the action to none of the action. How long is that guy going to be in that environment. Good point you know what i mean. The only i've known who was able to. Pull that off teresa strasser turn states with. She moved arizona's like the be back. She never came back. Got fries in her head. She's doing well all right so we'll talk to him about that. I had a funny thing. I got a note from someone at the kids school or a couple of days ago and it's i don't know covert protocol but then under the name the pronouns were given as as we have. I don't know. Can you opt out of pronouns. It just not put your pronouns on anything but you have to give your pronouns and then under it. It said home of the spartans and i thought to myself. Wow you go from pronouns. We dropped down a quarter inch. And it's home of the most vicious fighting force in the world. And i thought you could get no further from the spartans. Then pronoun day them. Yes and then also i started thinking about it. Would they do the ano him his stuff on there. You had me at he. Yeah he'll do the casco what you do. The heat in english class conjugate yeah. Yeah it's not no one's ever gonna go give he he keys so he can leave like we'll do the math after you. Just do the heat less obnoxious. We we got you all right so pronouns are now a thing also got a step. Further got an email from producer and one of the networks female and it and it said Now only do we get the pronouns. But it said 'i stand against injustice. I support him and now we have to. You have to now lay out your bona fides. I would have assumed everyone stands against injustice. Two thousand fucking twenty-one you work in the tv industry. you're in los angeles. We get it hero. Can i want you took andy hamilton. Last night oh nothing and it was glorious and amazing and beautiful and perfect. I'm reading the bio's and there's a lot of pronouns in the bios. The bio for an actor in a touring company of hamilton. Wanted to make sure that we knew that they thought black lives matter and translates matter. Oh zoom yeah. We think that i'm down but you needed to save that space and the bio..

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