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A reason for that. Because you know what the poor guys, how old are the male ballet dancers? There's a word for that, and I can't remember what it is. How? The male ballet dancers are an 18 years old. My team. Late teens, early 20s, maybe. You don't want them thrown out of hernia. You know, you know what I get a hernia? I mean, you throw out your back. Gosh. These aren't gonna have to have some rugby players up there or something. Maybe it may know some helmets, maybe you need two male dancers to hoist it, you know, it's like throw them up in the air. It's just. You know, they can say this all they want, but I don't think they're gonna have giant men and women walking into play ballet because they're just not gonna be able to do the move. No, it's not physically impossible. That's what I'm saying. This is not even gonna. So here's where we are. So here's where we are now. In America, ballet is now racist. I mean, that's the whole point of it. Ballet is racist. For you to go out there and say, okay, you've got to do this perfectly. That is a racist concept now. That is what we're talking about. That's what's happening here. So, and it's not just ballet. There's a story up at campus reform. And campus reform is now reporting that one math professor is no longer going to be grading work based on whether it is right or wrong. I just want to look, I'm not an architect, but I appreciate architects. I appreciate the great work they do. Now imagine if you will, here in Memphis, Tennessee, we have a giant bridge across our river called the Mississippi River bridge. Hernando de Soto Bridge. Do you know an architect that just thought that that bridge just didn't happen? There was mav and science that went into the creation of that bridge. And believe it or not, folks, it had to be down to the exact decimal point. Otherwise, you're going to get a bridge that doesn't work. Now, there are some people out there who are listening to this program and they are woke and they're sitting there saying, well Todd, you're just being rude. That's just rude. How dare you? How dare you suggest that something should be perfect? No, I'm not suggesting I'm telling you. If you don't follow the math, you're going to have a bridge that does not work. If you don't do the math, you're going to go to Walmart and your cashiers not going to know how to give you change. It's a very practical thing. When I was growing up, at hope peace Sullivan elementary school in south Hayward, Mississippi, we were taught very basic stuff. When it had to worry about pro downs when I was growing up because the kids were smart. Back when I was growing up, the kids were fairly intelligent. They knew what they're by nature they knew what their pronouns were. Nowadays, they've got to spend 12 years teaching kids to be confused about their pronouns. They spend all this time teaching the kids about whether they are gay or straight or they like bushes or shrubberies. I don't know. There's all sorts of chaos in the classroom. And nobody's nobody in America seems to be terribly concerned we're raising a generation of people that can not spell. They can not read. They can not do basic arithmetic. They don't care. They just don't care. It is the dumbing down of America. That's what this is. Rod dreyer, riding on the American conservative. And has a wonderful, wonderful essay called hateful whitey bind her feet..

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