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Makes sense the more shots you get on that the more chance you have to score. And and that's what they're doing. I mean. Which I don't see how many goals as far. Real quick twenty twenty three twenty three to eighteen of this Twenty-three if Tom five on five they've only got to power pikers this. And they haven't overtime goal four on four. But their second of the league and five on five dollars to Toronto scoring every which way. That's an impressive number when you're putting pox in that regularly five five and by comparison, the lightning have played fewer games. But they're just five goals. Four one four them came in the last game. Wow. I didn't realize that. Five goals? Obviously look to get that number up. But. Certainly, I think it's. Eilly about Carolina out there doing they're they're just crying teams down five on five. But when I look and see Carolina's already played six or seven gaming, the lightning Rooney played three I say to myself, what kind of schedule is a lot of people are. I mean, it really doesn't make a lot of sense send you when you have five home games in five on the road. It just doesn't make sense to me, but they do with a computer now, and we all know computers. The lightning on this road trip that starts the Friday, but it starts Saturday, but that's five games. Eight nights Saturday. It's amazing. You're the are you know, they've only played three to support. And then they go on the road five teams and eight nights. I guess other teams do it too. But I just by the schedule. And I'm I'm glad by the way. I know you're gonna see this is going to get the start. I thought he needed to get a a these run. He hasn't happened lead since September twenty seven that was preseason game in Orlando, and he was really good going to notice to start list. Tell you who's in tonight or dot in for these teams injured lining. Ryan Pailin played or Kuku. Danny Martell, Corey conquer are healthy, scratches. Scott, darling and Rask or injured filthy descent. The flurry are the healthy extras it'll be demeaning getting his first start of the year. He went seven three in one with the lightning last year and not one the overtime loss came in the final game of the regular season in Carolina played that game though. Thirty nine saves on forty two Carolina shots. Peter morale. One wanted one of the year. He split time with Curtis mcelhinney. They got him off the waiver wire from Toronto after darla. Got her Razek has a three point. Oh, five goals against any point eight seven zero save percentage. He's played well against lightning in the playoffs. Even in that series where the lightning deep Detroit and five but a regular season Razzaq is one eight and two with Detroit in Philly last year against lightning in the regular season. So he's gonna look to pick up his second win in his career against the lady of the regular season tonight. Tonight's officials fill referee's got Brian Polke Mara is years in case man, TJ looks more. And we've got Cory Nagy one of the linesmen and the Mayor Ed Murray. The man this is his first lightning game this year. We did a preseason. I remember I met regularly. So. But you know, the funny thing is. Matthew Elias Peterson. Yes body slammed into the ice. I mean, that's happened a thousand. Well, let me ask you. I hear all so close experts say by Peterson is such a good player. Right. That's why they did that. Because otherwise if it was a regular guy did why would you be different? If a guy gets hurt in that. Because he just start. Guy and he gets hurt. The same weather. It's Pederson or whether it's the guy waits one hundred and sixty pounds sugar. And what is your young kid Matheson's a big guy, and he pushed him. I don't know. I don't know. All right. We'll take a break. Come back with the opening faceoff Bax. Lightning and hurricanes mainly arena lighting radio. Lightening hockey here..

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