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Be tough, but she also has an amazing heart Pence and Harris will be separated by plexiglass barriers in an auditorium where any guest who refuses to wear a face mask will be removed. Lisa. Thanks John and Appeals Court panel says the 2020 census can continue through the end of this month, but also that the deadline to turn in numbers is December 31st rejecting an extension, which could prompt another appeal. America is listening to Bach's means. It's 403. He's radio 1055. W E. R C. The Gulf Coast is bracing for the second major hurricane in recent weeks, Alabama EMA director Brian Hastings says. Now is the time to have a plan in place. It would be prudent for coastal Alabamians to prepare for the worst. Baldwin County EMA director Zachary Hood says people who take medication should get those prescriptions refilled today 1st 72 on you People don't understand what that means, if you are dependent upon insolent Have a way to keep the insolent cool. Not just for 24 48 but 72 hour. Forecasters say Delta has top sustained winds of around 100 Miles an hour after making landfall along Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula. Delta is extra strength once it enters the Gulf forecasters expecting landfall in Louisiana sometime on Friday. Storm Surge Watch has been issued for the Alabama coast. Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshaled extending the price gouging law. Now that a new state of emergency is in effect, a company is guilty of gouging. When it charges 25% or more above the normal cost of an item or service. A new storm shelter coming to the University of Alabama officials say it'll hold more than 800 people and withstand winds of 250 MPH. Hoover policeman and his wife find themselves.

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