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And you and y'all play games together today there is no squad up you people don't deserve it i was looking through the squad up fucking request today it was one guy asking for people to write into his podcast and then it was another asking for subscriptions on a youtube video abusing the squad at privileges everybody we have bent the rules for shirt hey code go to the playstation e three meet up thing that's different all right that is very different nobody wants by games with each other anymore i i have half of mine just end the stream now but we ask for your on comments and we'll tough it out and we will continue but i want you to know you've all i'm not mad i'm disappointed i'm mad kevin's matt everybody hope you're happy i haven't required reading for you though over at polygon matt pop rocky wrote one call splatter house twenty ten what went wrong incredibly deep dive into this game i've totally forgotten about when they fled or houses back and it is a wild ride of reading to find out what happened to that game two studios are working on all different stuff like in the money the money they sunk into it so everybody had over to polygon this weekend check out matt's splatter house twenty ten what went wrong andrea yes greg speaking of what went wrong we ask everybody watching live on twitch dot tv slash kind of funny games to right in to kinda funny dot com slash you're on and tell us what we screw up as we screwed up so we can set the record straight for everybody watching later on youtube dot com slash kind of funny games and listening on podcast is around the globe what do we get wrong today the first ones very interesting and i don't know what to do with this so from this isn't a you're wrong this is like an anonymous tip so wallace insider says one or two cents a monogamous information about upcoming ubisoft games don't know how best to contact that's it no oh is he's just lays it all out now here's some things take it with a grain of salt we cannot confirm tonight who wallis's right is the walls from walson gromit is george wallace that can meet note that was the governor who's racist is yours also comedian also george will's can give me a check on it wallace.

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