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Cool things go by is aligned with brandon branded could talk like yoma. Am i talking about brandon. Though when we did press one time i sat with him and he describes so random like the wire got. I remember think he's the last of bullshit shit like i am. I respect it so much as a quality. I wish i had but he was like he's a keno. Every every great television show the third season they they change it up so we're changing up for the thirty s because it's so random. I'm not saying with the chance just like how the wire did it for their thirties bitch like this. Is you know what i'm saying like. This is not god bless you for saying that but i also remember him saying at one point like like you guys should do stand up really funny which is very nice. It was always like rooted in support of major you really nice you know walk into anywhere and just like just let them know. You're on the disney channel. They'll put you up there. You can walk out of your pocket and i was like maybe what the world that's how stand upwards walking to set with twenty is he really think you'd go to open mic and just get twenty thousand dollars said twelve oaks twelve thousand. That's the thing is i could see brandon. Doing that probably he's. He's really successful. I is on a show now. Angelo in the new ninja turtles he really. I remember him talking though he had this one speech. You talked about how so random was going to go for like eight season. No girls in how we were going to do our characters on s._n._l. Like it was going to become the biggest thing yeah see. It's it's rooted in support of nature. That's what i'm saying. He cares about us. He could see us going far like even if he is like he sees good. Would things for everybody within the yeah. He has talking people into things. That's really respectable. Just my god i remember i i brought my brother sister-in-law to visit setting there in my dressing awesome room and he just walks into my dressing room in just like skin colored like tight underwear. Yes and he was just like he's like hey <hes>. Do you see this thing or whatever. I'm like brandon. Oh sorry and he's like picking a wedgie to sound. I'm back. He was nuts such a great guy. He's a great oh. I remember once also house like yeah. I need to stretch when he was like yeah. I had a friend five seven started doing yoga. Six is to dead serious. Yes de be like yeah man. Oh my gosh friend was eight years old when he met him fourteen lay there so many different personalities because you brennan michael smith who is just the most insane person and sterling knight who was just bummed placed bummed whatever sketch we're doing camp. We'd like to smoking in this e or was the heartthrob heartthrob in a c._w. Drama really yes but really i mean like he's sterling's harmlessly his barnabas worse than his bite because he would remember he. He slept through work one time time and like a p._a..

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