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Jamie's now saying that he fixed it. There were so many hard hard our radio. He says five minutes. I'm fucking phone sleep. Finance on there are a lot of hard are rated movies that they dumped put on fucking main all. Jesus jamie's bag. I'm an figured it out. So i'm this dell computer this new laptop there's a slider that is over the camera and you have to move this piece over. Deny save that keyword level you over your camera literally. I was taking my finger in going over the amer like this. And like there's a sex tapes anymore. It's like it's a plastic piece like watch this gone all right. Let's start from beginning credits right now. Jamie wait a second. Why is that did or michelle figured out. Because i saw just walk by the camera. No no no. I actually did i Of rate of fucking smith thing. I can be mad. Y'all her name again please. This mother status go find the answer. The problem then i then. I grabbed my regular laptop. My old one. On the amin figurehead. This fucking at the store riverside by does google chrome yet. Somebody download chrome like i'll fuck this jamie l. michelle's nail gram bread. That tells name again. Please no yellow chino folks. Hear me jamie. We were talking about that review that i share that was not complimentary to ghostbusters afterlife. And steve says he has complete faith in jason reitman. Then he won't do anything to sell his father's like how do you feel about that. See so the trailer thought. Look pretty good. The first time i saw and i was like. Oh i really like all rod and Jason reitman seems. Okay like up in the air. With fine i guess and thank you for not. Smoking was fine. Guess i mean. They weren't great they're either. Smoking is great. Wouldn't you this is. This is my time just appears for twenty minutes and hours after seeing Witnessing politically correct james bond. There's nothing going to be good. Anything will anything new. That comes out is gonna fuck and be terrible. There's absolutely no faith films anymore. Jamie appointed in the james bond movies gone all gone. There's nothing about. It was an clue porn. Jim snow fucking pukes scum. I was looking at anything new socks guys so when he was ruined everything. So you have no expectations this fucking laugh out with a stupid slider wasn't millennials. That was some five year old. Asian kid gets paid five cents an hour or so as a topic. What was it time. Were you totally owned by technology. What keith whiteman never mind. I was looking at Ivan reitman's literally every day filmography here. Holy fuck off. Did he fall off at the end. Holy fuck are you guys. Not hearing me got old days. He he didn't shoot junior. Deputy he did after he he did dave in one thousand nine hundred and then after that you did junior father's day billy crystal and robin williams six days evolution. My super ex girlfriend. No strings attached. And then kevin costner in draft day. I didn't realize that was an ivan reitman film garbage. Yeah dude. I was just trying to search up a halloween with martin sheen. I can't find it. Jesus did you take it out on youtube looking. You know jamie that. The tuesday before halloween. We should play that we should watch out we should to do. Wash does have anything okay. Maybe mike's accident in it is pretty bad but other than that is that yes his silver bell. Do say you say no. It's not as silver. Both mike drops. A couple of words probably wouldn't fly today character. I don't care. I bet you were because i remember the creature and the black lagoon actually saying that in the original moving threat. Did you miss that. Delete you're talking to keep up pages let slip. I still love that. I watched during li's once a year absolutely love. That's really can't find it. I don't know why what's it my movies aso for those of you. Jimmy meets funny is the real actors premium. What i'm looking like jamie right this and then that one character says i'll show me that figures. Sounds like okay. You're s four to form big. Got it play it on. I i mean are you sure for miles and not one. Little boy or girl is needed. A nasa's look into. I grew in like there's couple of things that i don't know but it is on your just a halloween gino's right there. I don't know why it's coming up for. How long ago was that. Oh my god are the one or two thousand two it would have been yet two thousand yet two thousand and two cheese in the fucking wrong and it's fucking hysterical to this day it's fucking grassley. That was fun making. It's kind of goal making those like little law like animation short skimming people in a studio and come up with characters and just reciting lines. It's actually pretty fun. Well the best part was like i. I had never done that at that point before. And basically as do the part and then like the director and and jamie and everybody we're basically dislike now say at this way. Try it this way and.

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