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Mobile, Alabama, A federal emergency has been declared in hard hit areas of Mississippi. A Senate hearing Wednesday, lawmakers grilled the CEOs of Facebook, Twitter and Google. On what they can and cannot post on their platforms. As NPR's Shannon Bond reports, Democrats and Republicans on the panel had sharply different concerns. Republicans on the Senate Commerce Committee accused the tech companies of bias against conservatives, and they grilled Twitter and Facebook over decisions to put warning labels on misleading posts by President Trump. Democrats, on the other hand, pressed the executives on what they're doing to curb hate speech, false claims about voting and other harmful content, and they accuse their Republican colleagues of politicizing an important debate over online speech. There was little discussion of the hearing stated topic whether to change a long standing law that gives thes tech companies legal immunity for what their users post Shannon Bond NPR news This is NPR news. U. S Homeland Security officials and a private cybersecurity firm are warning US hospitals and health care providers that they're being targeted by hackers in eastern Europe. The joint statement released Wednesday. Experts say malicious software is being used to encrypt and lock up stolen data until a ransom was paid. Healthcare providers are being urged to step up protections of their networks, including backing up data and monitoring who gets to see it. More than a dozen firefighters from British Columbia have contracted covert 19 as Dan Carp in shock reports, three of them tested positive while fighting wildfires in California wildfire information officials say all 16 are under quarantine in Richmond, BC none of them are seriously ill. It's unclear how the first three firefighters became infected. But a spokesman for the U. S Forest Service as the three Canadians were assisting with fire breaks in California's Plumas National Forest when they began to display symptoms. They were tested and the results were positive. Six colleagues were also deemed probable Corona virus cases. The nine were flown back to BC by charter plane In September, British Columbia sent more than 220 personnel to help fight California's worst wildfire season on record. For NPR News. I'm Dan Carpet Chuck in Toronto. Wall Street stocks plunged over 3% on Wednesday, With the Dow industrials falling 943 points. The NASDAQ tumbled 426 points. In pre market trading. US. Futures are higher at this hour, while Asian shares are mixed higher in Shanghai. I'm.

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