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Wave gas and power Yankees post game show, the Yankees rally for three runs in the bottom of the ninth and winning on DJ LeMay Hughes RBI single after tying it on a two-run Homer by Giovanni or shell five four Yankees beat the Mariners for their twenty first win their twenty one and fourteen on season. Let's talk to Susan Waldman on the clubhouse report is brought to you by the New York lottery. The newest scratch off games are on sale. Now. Try your luck today. And you could bring home a win. We'll says that must have been fun. He had the thog machines backing the little disco lights and the little fog machines. Are this was a good one? This was a good one. And Aaron Boone, you know, he's always saying greeting, and we never give up, and we know we can always come back. And the first thing he said, this kind of snuck up on it. And it really it really. Did he said we didn't play perfect, but obviously next guy up, and that's what that's what they did. He said GIO obviously made up for the few mistakes. He made. And they also talked about GM we've talked about it a lot this spring. They were so sure about the way he was hitting the other way into center with authority that this actually started last year when they got him from Toronto they saw a little a little different than they thought. There was something else going on with him now. And now he is hitting the other way into center with authorities. We saw so even when he has for him terrible night defensively. I mean, you don't you won't see that a lot. That he was able to do that. And and Boone talking about geo with that and Cameron with the stolen base and how he got on. And then deejay did what DJ does great slide from camera maven. And he said it was a fun one. You heard Cameron talking and he actually did say to me when I stopped him. He said, boy, it's good to be on this side of it for, you know, for a change not that not since here, but all the places. One of the things that you learn about this team says Aaron is that they learn to flip flip on to the next page and they put mistakes behind them. They kept kept playing and he said you got to enjoy these moments now his thoughts, and I did talk to Tanaka. But he's thought his his thoughts on Tanaka said. The split was in and out things aren't easy for him right now. But the bottom line he kept us in there. And I think that's very important because sometimes you forget about he knows he doesn't have his stuff right now. He really does. And he's and he's said, obviously, this was not my best. But I got the team through six innings, and I think that's very important that Tanaka knows that and we did ask him about because he lost his cool. A couple of times he got very emotional out there when they were making mistakes, and you can almost understand. I've never seen him do that. But he said he was able to get back into the game. He tried to control himself. And he said I thought I controlled myself pretty well after that. You know, when you're working that I do understand it. And I've never seen him do it before. But you're working so hard to know, you don't have anything, you know, you have you're doing basically on the slider because the other things just weren't working. They were in and out, and you know, you're working so hard, and and things that are lack of communication as Aaron Boone. Call them out in right field. You just lose your cool for moment. But I think it's it's everything's okay. And he said, I controlled myself very, well, I thought for what was going on. So it's a combination of things. So Aaron had said, this whole thing's been really cool guys come in here, and they fit in there's a comfort in this room. And you can you can see that. And you can see it the way they are on the bench and the way they are with each other. This is really a lot of fun in this one snuck up on them. But it was a lot of fun. Yeah. That's one you know, where everybody can get behind this. You know, if even if they hadn't come back. I don't think you know or shallows error in the thinning. He's been playing. So well for them. I don't think that would have become a big deal. But Clint Frazier didn't have a very good. Tonight. And now he gets to go home with a win under under the teams bell as they help pick him up. It's a lot of guys and they're looking out for each other. And it really, isn't it changes things. Because now even if and I'm I don't know if they're all going to talk to I'm sure everyone's gonna talk to Clint Frazier when he comes out. But now the line is we won. And that's the only thing that's important. And it really is. So bet everybody is breathing a sigh of relief in there about that. Or shell it really made a statement. But for Clint Frazier. You know, they'll be better nights. And this was a an and the lack of communication is what he thought and I saw Gardner talking to him in the in the dugout quietly. And and Aaron said, you know, they've just got hit and they'll and he'll work in Reggie will. It's obviously the outfield coach is talked with them. And what happened? I don't know. Exactly what happened out there. But everybody feels a lot better. Now the team won the game. And that's what you can say. Well, we won and I'll work on those things which is different than you know, you cost us the game. I opened the show by saying just. A transaction that you didn't even notice when it happened is turned out to be so big when Giovanni or shallow was acquired last August, and then re signed with the organization, but this winter was also so much about who's out there who are who are they going to sign who didn't they sign and when DJ LeMay Hugh side everyone's like, well, where's he going to play? What's he gonna do? And how's it gonna hit away from chorus field? I think he's answered all those questions. Absolutely. And you know, what that's you know, that's the fun of it. And. I we've said this a million times they know what they're doing upstairs. I really do. I really think just think of all the things that have happened in the guys that they said, no, no, he'll be fine. They knew their organization look DJ LeMay, Hugh when when he signed and everybody said everybody, I asked and the organization said we'll find a place for him. I loved the way he plays. He's a baseball player. I mean, he's two years away. What two years away from winning a batting trifles at three time gold Glover he in spring training. We saw him play third base. Like, Greg nettles. I was he was fabulous. And then he went over to first base the first time he'd played I think eight games there's whole career. And I remember asking Tino Martinez. Can it? What do you have to work on him with? And he said, nothing, he's an athlete. I mean, he knows what he's doing. And you and you see that kind of athlete, and you need that kind of person on a team. And the plan was originally what he was going to play somewhere everyday third or are our second. Or maybe I maybe something in the outfield. Well, now you see. How important DJ LeMay? Who was and I think everybody sees what kind of a ball player. He has. And the last time I looked Yankees haven't played any games enforce field yet. And he's he's hitting pretty well. Yeah. He something does three sixty years ago said very well away from field. Thank you. Susan. Okay. So you see you tomorrow. Yankees win this five to four the big rally in the ninth inning. If you didn't hear it. We'll let you listen back to happen next. But first before we continue. Let's pause ten seconds for station identification. This is the WFAN Yankees radio network. Get derby winner country house won't race in next week's Braknis. Steve Somers follows Yankees baseball WFAN WFAN, FM, New York. Highlights of this five to four win over the mirrors. When we come back. This is the son wave gas and power Yankees post game show on the WFAN Yankees radio network. If you'd be healthy glib long that means slobby get sick happy healthy loved these dreams. We have for our children. If I had a magic one may everybody. So we cherish the moments. Celebrate imaginations going great adventures..

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