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I'm Steve Cave and the civil rights icon who was known as the conscience of the Congress is returning to the U. S Capitol just over a week after his death. CBS The Steve Dorsey joins us Live from Capitol Hill, Steve The casket of John Lewis will arrive soon here on Capitol Hill for a private ceremony in the Rotunda will then lie in state of the steps of the East Front of the building for a public viewing. Amid Corona virus restrictions, including social distancing Right now, his casket is making its way in a motorcade through Washington, stopping at sites including the Lincoln Memorial and Black Lives Matter Plaza near the White House. The protest area Lewis visited just weeks before his death live on Capitol Hill. Steve Dorsey, CBS News Well, the Corona viruses force postponement of to Major League Baseball games, the Orioles Marlins in Miami, a dozen players and two coaches on the Marlins have the virus and the Yankees Phillies game is postponed to in Philadelphia. That's where the Marlins last played. President Trump's national security adviser, Robert O'Brien, has the Corona virus. CBS's Sarah Cook, CBS News has learned. O'Brien has mild symptoms and is working from a secure location off site from the White House. A White House official says there is no risk of exposure to the president or the vice president, correspondent Nancy Cordes tells US Republicans have worked out the finer points of a new round of virus aid. It would ensure that unemployed workers do get federal dollars, but no more than 70% of the wages that they made before. Are losing their jobs. Republicans do not want to maintain the current $600 per week extra payments because that means that some people get Maurin unemployment then they made at their jobs. Democrats say this GOP proposal is unworkable that it would overload state unemployment offices. They want one lump sum for everybody. Google says It's going to allow most employees to work from home through July of next year because of the pandemic. The wind is whipping in Oahu. But Hurricane Douglas is sparing Hawaii a direct hit..

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