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Talking to window. Smallwood eagles running back. Your position has been decimated with with injuries this year. Have you guys master kinda just keep the ball rolling? With guys getting hurt guys being out different guys asked to do different things a house that worked in your running back room this year. We run a background we play for one. Another one guy is down. Let's say you got to step up. We gotta so to start shoe. Jay, go down, we have corrigo down our toughness, and and our guys willing to step up and do more than what they expected to about us being being competitive and don't like we could guard there and play don't count us out. Don't think you don't have running backs you can go and make a difference. That's not I the second on the stars. Like Josh who was on traffic by Corey was on last shift and step up and make please go play. Window. I'm gonna just say this. I'm not putting words in your mouth. But the Cowboys are real suspect. The Cowboys are suspect than it is wide. Open. Can y'all smell blood in the water? Is that the vibe you guys see the game and go man, they got pop we got shot. Man. We we believe we believe right after the game that we had to come come into that next week and win this game we prepare. Well, we wanted this game and practice all week. We were focused laser. And they do come away with the victory in the Sunday night match up thirty two twenty three the final Smallwood ten carries. Forty eight yards and a pair of touchdowns in the eagles win. Philadelphia. Went in is thirteen and a half point underdog. ESPN analyst Ryan Clark. This score really isn't indicative on how solid and dominant. This philadelphia. Eagles defense was the whole game. There was pressure on Jared Gulf from the start of the game until the finish. There was precedent. Jared Goff space early from Michael Benny the secondary then but don't break defense. They didn't give up anything over the top. And it allow guys like Michael Bennett said get to the quarterback. This is the second week. Jared golf has been stepped on by office of Lima last last week. It was Whitworth this leak Sullivan to interceptions on place. Just like that. It's been sloppy ball by the Rams, but the eagles defense defense that was much maligned gave a huge place to the Dallas Cowboys last week came in tonight in the Coliseum. They stepped up and they stepped up. Here's one thing to look at Jerry Goff has slid down from the very high bar that he had set have team starting to figure out the Rams Jared. Jared started to struggle. He's been slightly. Jeff Fisher is if I might say the last three weeks this started in Detroit and didn't play. Well, you go to Chicago four in the seventies there. And then you look at this game tonight. He looks stylish in the pocket. He was the guy that wasn't stepping into throws head open guys in miss them. We didn't see that from Jared Goff early on in this season. And I don't know if this the pressure of fighting for holds advantage, or if it's just a little relaxation because you beat the Kansas City Chiefs play a great game hit a by. No, you have things collection. Jared Goff needs to play better. And he needs to stop turning the ball over on the stats in your face here on an Alice gone downhill for Jared Goff that again, I asked is partly because he was doing so well and teams figure out some way. Ways to kind of throw them off. What what you MRs Cooper Cup was really his security blanket. It was a guy. He would go to Cooper Cup seem to work inside the numbers, very, well and pretty much better than anybody else. Does for the Los Angeles Rams. This is also a guy who is this friend. It's part of the chemistry. Brandin cooks. You look at that guy for the deep ball Cooper Cup was the guy that converted third dollars. The guys that we didn't have anybody open you can hit because he can find places in his own. He also had big playability when you lose a player like that. That was a huge part of your offense is shows the lack of depth. That's in Los Angeles Rams have and Jerry Goff hasn't been able to compensate for that decides plan D they had to stick thirty points on the board with foale's of the quarterback who are the guys that.

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