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But anyway we had a couple of bans out there and then we show this was one of the big movie theaters and we showed a couple of uh rock and roll shows from the 50s one of which bobby darren was the host of yeah and then we showed up the movie for the night was the girl can't help it with the time ewell move j mansell and we packed at place but what an extravaganza knives oblast but just done for the excellent just kinda like hey let's instead of showing a regular run mill no movie let's parana cool rock and roll show of show some cool rock and roll movies and then let's put on a cool movie and we just had a blast on there but this monday night we won't be doing that this monday night we're going to be doing up the so it's a political debate and again i think it's going to be who's gonna be out to rocky risk housekey lena epstein non well sao clint casto occurred bentivolglio uh uh michelle a michelle mattis going to be there and not scott hager some i think if i'm not mistaken everybody out there has been on let it rip the only differences is that whenever i'm on let rip i'm on with a bunch of felons and more about that we come back you're on the edge sultan turnabout music friday lin in matt a big big big when they're there the think the it but and women clearly the ricki tom now but got a burden king david again day he could again the gang yup but in the man but mm eric the now dean la la land a.

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