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So the daily penguins. Alex put said she has seen many more humpbacks over the last few years in line with reports of their recovery from wailing up to the nineteen sixties. I've found some fascinating organisms. Floating singly and in chains in the ocean and stranded on the Antarctic beaches. The selfs these rather delicate and beautiful creatures look like jellyfish but because they have a central nervous chord a more closely related to humans. Each one had a clear to like body encasing. An orange beach shaped got soaps farther plankton and they facie struck quickly to the ocean floor with the benefit of locking carbon down there. We do not know what it's helps but penguins don't they have exotic reproductive behavior and can transition through two generations in a day where there is abundant krill. The self seem to be rare and vice versa. The experts on my ship. I saw them just ten years ago. So yes some things are changing in the Antarctic or visited and I came. Home is concerned about this out of the world as I am about others but I was amazed that the Antarctic Treaty. Coalition of fifty four countries manages it using just trust and collaboration because no one actually owns this fall place. The International Association of Antarctic Tour Operators I auto under a similar impressive arrangement overseas safe and environmentally responsible traveled to Antarctica. What concerned Al Guides was the increasing? Number of tourists ships. We saw a monster ship carrying thousands of passengers. The guides came to measure the impact of tourism on Antarctica because the number of ships is growing rapidly with fifty five thousand tourists visiting last season. I'm told that seven years ships are being built for Antarctic voyages. This could impact the continents plant and animal life but ocean. It say their studies had so far found no evidence of damage to penguin colonies from visitors however with increases in tourism and the use of flights in and out it seems the threat to habitat will only rise with pressure to open up new travel destinations numbers so many numbers in the sideshow and so important that was medical research of Sally Smith who now farms walnuts and I see the news. This week that Krill yes combined weight equal to all people on Earth those griller expected to move north according to PhD student. Divvy Bichir from the University of Tasmania..

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