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That's their formula that's what zeke elliott has to do in order for this dallas cowboys team to have a successful year remember looking at stats from last year he had sixteen total turnovers ten of them came during that six game as q elliott suspension but listen the template you're describing where you're basically going to i don't want to say win despite your quarterback but not ask your quarterback to go out there and win you will bunch of games there's two ways that can work you either have a very good defense to complement your running game or you're running game is the best in the league by a wide margin by a full standard deviation like you could what you're asking them to do doesn't work if zeke russia's for thirteen hundred and fifty yards and thirteen hundred yards might win you're the rushing title like that is the level of expectation you're talking about nygard with you so what are you can fifteen hundred sixteen hundred yes yes i resolve demarco murray in two thousand fourteen it's going it's going in that direction that's what it has to be in twenty sixteen he only played fifteen games and he was less than fifteen yards away from two thousand yards from scrimmage any at sixteen touchdowns that's what i'm talking about unless dak is going to take a significant step board would diving will be difficult given the weapons he has as far as pass catchers tight ends and receivers you need zeke to be in the mvp discussion that type of season for this cowboys team to win ten or more games i think it's very important zeke has a year but i think it's more important of all the people that were not talking about that they have a good year i think zeke is the most dependable thing that they have why am i expecting him a great year just not because the offense of line it's not because now he's got two years of experience but what he has gone through in the last twenty four months when he left ohio state he did have some injuries in coming into the league so he wasn't in talking to his dad who last year i talked to his dad several times on the phone he wasn't able to live.

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