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Will and jim and so they can't go home because they'll follow us and kill our folks so and mr dark is looking around us looking for him. Yeah right so will phones. His father says thereafter us. This father says come home. And we'll says he can't hide on yeah. They hide under like sidewalk drain. Yes like a sewer drain or under the sidewalk like great. Yeah there's and it's a pretty substantial great a flat great right above them correct and they see two child size coffins being pulled in the parade. They think those comments were meant for them. Well so do. I know and then we see the barber in the cigar salesman marching in the parade as well and the teacher. Zanu characters and teacher being led by mr cougar and the lightning rod salesman. Isn't it too in the still in the electric chair. Yes they're carrying him and the boys see a small persons give. Jim's mother a ticket in a whisper something inner ear. Yeah at first. I thought that was on purpose. Kaz mister dark is standing right above them. They can see he's right above the great and i thought they did that on purpose but i don't think mister dark knew they were. There did mex- pc And howard sprague or dr douglas the doctored at the bar or at the door to the bar with mr h and says the bar is empty at must have taken off. They say he wouldn't do that. It's highly unusual for ed not to be in the bar. Yes so the boys are still under the sidewalk. In dog is above them. Barking at them he dropped its his biscuit right. Yeah yes so. Jim picks up the biscuit or doctor. Whatever it is and holds it back up to the dog and it takes it and runs away so back at the bar. Mister dark enters. See all the all the money is still in the. Yes mr outrageous ister. Yeah mr h and the doctor are in there and they're looking around and all the money's there and everything's still there so it's correct mister. Dark enters tells them that the boys have won an award meant he would like to find them. The to lucky lads one looking for them next mister dark catches up with mr h at a cigar. Stand course cigar. Sale is not there. Says there's a sign on that one to something and mister dark shows mister. H tattoos of will in jim on his hands on his palms. Yeah yes over me and asked you know who they are where they are where they are and if he knows them. Yeah mr asia's says yeah. I know him and he tells them fake names. Mister dark says. I already know their names to got the names from the blind teacher. Mr dark asked. Mr h who he is he tells them and mr says. Oh the town's librarian.

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