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But how do you how do you think people should regular voters should? Take information like that. That is alleged in an article with all anonymous sources. That's really hard I mean I think it's an example of how you know Donald Trump has. Broken. With all sorts of norms and acted on all sorts of ways that you would not expect the president to act, and in the same way, the press has has done the same thing. So in this case, you know the press has its own norms of regulating its behavior normally. You know you wouldn't without evidence without something corroborating based something on the. Word of anonymous source in this way to say and. So you know for trump supporters, it shows the that the press is still out to get him and still ruthless and discarding safeguards as long as it's going to get at the right outcome in negative story about trump and. For his. Opponents at Joe's would. Would you know what horrible character has hasn't a disgraceful? Remarks that he has made I don't think it's going to move very many people I mean. I. Do think that's part of what his These are supposedly military sources and I think that's part of his sense of why he's now firing these these sort of over the top allegations that the military feels that the military establishment doesn't like him. I don't think it's GonNa move things I do. I do wonder this sort of this Russian bounty story that. The Lot of Putin had a bounty on American troops came out after his. His intention to withdraw troops from Afghanistan I think it's definitely true that just like any other bureaucracy, the military does leak stories to further its. Political interests at a at a given time and president trump has vehemently denied making those comments. Here's a tweet for them. He said. Quote. I never called John Loser referring to John McCain and swear on whatever whoever I was asked to swear that I never called are great fallen soldiers anything other than heroes. And as as a lot of people have pointed out, trump is on tape in two thousand, fifteen saying he never likes John McCain because he doesn't like losers. So at least half of that denial has a problem with it, but there's it's the question is is how much do you rely on and trust Kim those sources that you don't know the names Of them and so the for example, the Associated Press and Fi- a Fox News reporter have said that they have independently confirmed that those comments were made by the president but the confirmation also came from anonymous sources and you don't know if it's these the same group of people that are making their way around to different reporters confirming what they told the other guy..

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