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Right. Everyone has a scale of courts. It's a scale house the field out Tinsley in general. He's just waiting for her to cross over to the good side. It's like wouldn't she wouldn't Ramona said that I think Kinsley was like mortified to be associated with the bonds like that's Tinsley better than that. And so was so yeah. Yeah. But so is pretty much the only one in the middle like Tinsley is very much rooted herself in the blonde team side. And I think she's better than that. Yeah. I think team blonde is breaking up during Dan. Ramona are perfect for each other like go frolic, but Sonia intensely are very much in the middle there, classy broads, and I think they they might need to be moving over to the dark side. Literally understood. Well, thank you so much. I've started at shock to my house seen it I- portrait's ended photos, and I'm gonna start to get his pictures of imprinted on like I'm gonna go to campus people get like little bags and hats and shirts with your name on it and your picture on it, so Q. Yeah. That's what I'm gonna do actually use my code for for canvas. Can you get him on style? Yes. Oh my God. When is have your dog? It's beautiful. You know, it's not. Like selfish. If it's not of you know, totally and it was a work of art. And love the oh Kim's people can put your favorite photos on canvas for really unique prince. So I have three pictures on my wall ready, but I need like top to bottom like a bunch more campuses like some ones of him, Ben. And I wanted to do a naked photo shoot of me him THEO. And that we can have canvas people printer for naked. Why does it have to be a nude photo shoot like a glamorous nude photos breasts like or just like having ideal head hover my nipple that? No, what has that is like, that's creepy. Whatever Kim's people prince your favorite photos on campus for really unique beautiful prints, great for decor. Like me, they're really like pieces.

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