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Get the latest news now with Amy king KFI newsroom. Suspected drunk driver is crashed head on into a pickup while driving the wrong way on the fifteen freeway. Nets can Dido teach says it received several calls. Someone driving a pickup in the HOV lanes in the wrong direction near auto Parkway this afternoon. A crash reported near via Rancho Parkway a few minutes later, C H pieces, the pickup and other truck crashed head on at least one person was seriously injured CHP says the wrong way driver is believed to have been under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Authorities have arrested a man suspected of kidnapping and killing his wife whose body was discovered last month in Mexico Riverside County. Sheriff's sergeant Steve bro says the woman was reported missing from her Rupa valley in January. The body was found February fifth more than a thousand miles away in Pueblo Nuevo in north west Mexico. The women's has been one Carlos Lopez Alvarado was arrested in her Rupa valley. Thirteen days later on suspicion of first degree murder. New Mexico democratic Senator Tom udall says President Trump's Nash. Emergency declaration at the US. Mexico border is wrong. I encourage members of both parties Republicans and Democrats to join us to stand up for the separation of powers Udal says the declaration is a land grab he says there's no emergency at the border. He's urging bipartisan support for joint resolution to terminate the what he calls unlawful national emergency declaration Udal says no president should be allowed to cut out the role of congress to spend billions on a project that satisfies a campaign promise the future stars of football have convened in Indianapolis for the NFL combine quarterbacks receivers and tight ends in the spotlight today. Running backs offensive linemen and special teams players took the field yesterday. Oklahoma state running back Justice hill posted the fastest time in the forty yard dash in his grip the final day of the combine is Monday at a crash in Long Beach.

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