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Nine but it's twenty nine ninety nine for my full minister kit where I get I get a shirt with the white collar. The the whole bit and I think you can stop paying taxes now. The IT comes with a guide on your taxes filing in which I haven't looked at it yet but I'm going to be ordering. There's definitely some loopholes there. I wanted to get the full kit. I just WANNA see him in the with the collar. It's coming in the mail. I ordered it today. I've gotten a shirt with the caller company I've got Parking passes I've got a bunch of wedding certificates. They send me a a whole package for baptisms. Now baptisms weddings. And you're ready for Halloween. Absolutely seriously as I do Halloween so this was a plan to. Have you ever heard of coach? Dave now Youtube well. He's he's actually quite an influential guy on youtube he. He's a very hard right down coach. Dave coach Dave Dobbin Myer and he runs the the what are they called the Salt and Light Brigade and he wants to sue the NFL for eight hundred trillion dollars because of the halftime. Show this year and being inappropriate. He's he's an interesting guy actually a lot of good points. He's a very much a Christian. Who doesn't like the way the Christian Church has been going and he does these little five minute rants on Youtube but I I joined up with him and he inspired me to go get our day in so I could spread the good word for him here in Canada. See you it. Just takes the right thing to motivate you and you found it for for this now. I can just find what the motivation is to call your girlfriend. Then you'll have both bases covered. That's idea I don't know pulling slot. I'll be able to marry Gordon. And his when they're ready and yourself should the time Come up it. It could yourself Lou. That's like literally you could marry yourself. I say to yourself wait. Which which Pronoun do I used for that His in his if I I. I wonder what the argument for that is now if the Japanese can vary a animate cartoon character. I don't see why you can't be yourself at least you're real. I'M GONNA go look into this because that could actually be brilliant. I could marry myself. I can officiate over there ceremony right. You can take the tax break. You get a lot of benefits. I could well. We just incorporated Eric. Gourd production is officially incorporated under the champion Tree. So that's very cool to. That's more tax breaks for you Gordon. Yeah all the angles I am. That's my thing I'm Yengo guy and good work or you could be the best. Man At this all Shindig. I'm looking forward to it. I'm GonNa let you go. Roger Thank you so much for joining us. It's just absolute blast to talk to you. I'll come thank you very much. A lot of fun learned law. This has been utterly fascinating so thank you very much. We cannot wait to have you back on again. There's GonNa be we'll do it. Thank you all the best for for in the future for the movie. Are you doing? Curb your enthusiasm Stiller's well season ten is currently airing yes. I worked on season of curb and with any luck. Wbz's an eleven go. I I wish nothing but continued success. It's been an absolute pleasure to meet you. Thanks very much for doing this. Likewise or we're friends. Now stay in touch. Oh absolutely didn't Gaurd that that loosely goes for you too but all right guys have a good night Gordon. Stick around for a minute. All the talking for mets. After I just say I have three things I wanted to talk to you about before I go get. Roger won't say goodnight for now. Thanks okay thank you later bye now. How did I do this without hanging up on Gordon do that? I just that I think that's all you need to do. That was really cool. I know I wasn't like super funny but I was just thing. It was great interview. We got the important stuff initially and then we got a great open conversation. That was awesome. That would so much better..

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