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I don't know if it'll be the best match of the night. Because i have this feeling that the young bucks in fdr gonna do some wild shit but we might have not the at npr's game really like hate. The mtr doesn't splash off the top nine hundred. I'm not saying that. I just think this match is going to be full of crazy near falls is gonna have this is going to be. I think it's going to be a great match where their styles meshed so perfectly that. I wonder if kenny in a page top it it also makes me wonder if kenny and etampes open up this pay per view. Because you can't put these next to each other yeah back. Toback is a little tough. I mean that would be great. I would listen. I'm all here for it. I still think it's best match tonight wherever you put it. But i've earful. I have no doubt kenny. I think you know he just been waiting. Biding his time. And this is his year to show. If kennedy's not number one on that pwi lists next year. I'll be shocked shocked. Because i think he's going on that type of run and then we have to make sure i got everything else. In main event jon moxley versus eddie kingston. This has been incredible. This these promos to be fair. I don't even got to see him. Wrestle i'm okay which is going back to back promos every week. It's been like three four weeks. Just fire promo eddie. Kingston makes made me want him to witness. He's that believable foot moxley like i'm completely all cased inside on this and man. Oh so good this week. Someone on twitter pointed out. How like moxley did his pro. And it was like the angel and the devil over the shoulder you the way. It was filmed damn. Yeah those films so well in kingston's reactions without saying a word while marshall going back and forth and then off kingston's line about win title giving it to his mom. Yeah man. it's saying this. This is why you don't have a daughter in law. This is why you don't have grandchildren. Because i was going to get this fuck. That's good is money told you money. I hate his ring. Attire let him russell. In jeans and a throwback but outside. I don't even care at this point him keith. Lee have the worst ring attire. Pro wrestling care. Like i like them both to what i want him to win. This is gonna be crazy. This is going to be another moxie that they're going to beat the hell out of each other. I quit match it or b table. You'll be glad that might be wire. Moxley wins though. Oh yeah and. I think it's a one off a thing. Yeah i mean you know they might have abuses me. They i have a blow off like dynamite. Because it's not going to be another pay per view for a few months so by the time the next pay-per-view comes around moxley. You'll be in another feud And this has gone on. They've done this for a couple of months. So yeah yet. He's got to go over. And this year like i want this. I know i quit. Match is a pretty big stipulation right to give another stipulation after that is kinda tough. But i'd be with it. I mean. I think they haven't done a cage match right. Give me a cage match. They'll find something for kingston to do. He's he's good enough that he's made even after he loses this match so he'll be fine but he's newsy yeah he's going to lose. My position remains the same. Moxie doesn't lose until mega pizza. Probably right so. I think though this is where you know pat comes in and then we see him face off against moxley and stare them down and then that's the next few and then you know kenny omega. Get his shot at double or nothing. You know we have fans it may hopefully. Maybe maybe i mean they should be more like vegas is at the point where they give kind of little fox anyway so i see them at least climbing back up and allowing fans by me maybe taught double or nothing. Yeah so yeah i mean. That's that's the way i see going fuck. I wish this had he kicks if you could be like six months. Though the aegis he elevates that position if feels like a main title so people saying they're going to buy the paper view jobs for this and that's what you're to be at the top if definitely best few going into it into a paper. Yeah definitely so. It'll it'll be interesting. Hopefully the matt. There's no way the match will be bad either going to beat the shit out each other. It's not like you gotta be technical wizards to pull this off. So it's going to be great great main event looking forward to the whole card. There's some ups there's downs but the up should be really Make sure you guys hit us up on twitter and let us know guys. Things are going to win watching with us on saturday as it's going on comment with us on social media that's going to be a fun day no come with me. I watch live. Oh yeah. he's on a freeze. I have three televisions. Come with me. i'll be watching. It live so you gotta stay right there that when we come back we gotta talk and exte- and a little main roster to wrap up the show. Don't go anywhere.

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