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The overwhelmingly said like now i i don't want chemo like unless it's like a sure thing like when i was a colleague a little skin cancer we can pop that shit like right away but like if it's yeah we knew it's going to take an aggressive course of chemotherapy is often is not or more often than out there like now i'm just gonna iin now what that looks like i don't want that for may which means basically the medical community is more about comfort is about preserving and that's kind of justice yeah imo while in it's also like i think just acknowledging that like we usually doesn't work right usually like it it it's not like like with this guy with his and operable brain tumor it's like looking at that knowing like i've seen tumors like this i know what the odds of the chemotherapy and surgery being worth it 900 at the odds are that just making my last couple of months suck race so i'm just gonna enjoyable that's amazing doctors do not use their own doctor not nathi something in a way that's like a a you're gonna die themselves in the mirror and okay with it i think that's what you got to do against to keep going because you see so much debt that eventually it does just become oh you will rise of that okay so that was about three minutes of cracked it's personal and in those three minutes i laughed i gained wisdom i grew as a human being and i will never see a doctor the same way again that is a powerful three minutes i think maybe you think so too and that's why we're so excited to bring you hours of this show crack its personal is so worth a lesson also i hope you notice the dynamic on the show its cracked zone robert evans the head of our personal experiences team walking us through interview subjects telling their stories then robert and his cohost brandon johnson check in with each other about the bonkers tale we just experienced you know like you and i would as palce.

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