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Abbreviated edition of those were the days brought to you by Brown Chevrolet due to time restraints. We have a visit with raced agent from the Weather Channel coming up in just minutes. It's February. 16th. It was on this day in 1959. Fidel Castro appointed himself premier of Cuba following the overthrow of one for Jin Seo Battista. On this day in 1968. Elvis got a gold record for his gospel album. How great Thou Art Elvis one, only three Grammy Awards one for how great thou art. Lifetime Achievement award in 1970, then another for a gospel album. He touched me in 1972 1989. Investigators in Lockerbie, Scotland, said a bomb hidden inside a radio cassette player hidden inside a suitcase was what brought down Pan Am flight 103 the previous December in 1988. Killing all 259 people aboard in 11 on the ground. Things today include Ward Cleaver from Leave it to Beaver actor Hugh Beaumont. Sonny Bono, Born in Detroit, Michigan on this day in 1935, killed in a skiing accident in January of 1998. Good to Kent, A host of Reading Rainbow on PBS actor LeVar Burton is 64. Tennis is bad Boy of all bad boys. John McEnroe Today turns 62 Andy Taylor, guitarist of Durant, Durant is 60 and the bus out of Notre Dame and Super Bowl 40 champion Pittsburgh Steelers. Jerome Bennis is 49 the failure of the power grid and most of the state left millions of Texans in the cold Overnight in San Antonio Mayor Ron Nuremberg says he's among the residents without power and says These rolling blackouts are hardly.

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