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Be my pillow's fact amac heart twenty eight year old joseph cooper was driving alone i ninety five monday what he says he lost control me about one hundred miles an hour authorities trying everything to get that vehicle under control i needed a giant turn on your crate i'm john ma'am the body traveling some fifty miles dodging other drivers quickly and right leg right now authorities clearing traffic to pulling those stop sticks multiple times eventually stopping the car guy seemed shaken up a little disturbs uh car with smoke and when we came up to it today bmw calling what happened implausible saying this critical had multiple safeguards including software to override the accelerator david the automaker says they are happy to work afford a police to investigate what caused this incident along this busy highway as for the driver he was treated and then later released from the hospital david victor thank you to the index tonight and the mid air scare for passengers aboard a flight to hawaii from california an image from inside the united flight from san francisco showing the right engine without a skin there the pilot declaring an emergency landing that's like did land safely in honolulu the faa investigating alleged racial profiling case making news tonight to women videotaping as an appleby's manager an independence missouri was joined by a police officer and mall security confronting them about not paying their bill the day before asking them to leave the woman say they weren't dare after an internal review tonight appleby's.

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