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His hand and wiping it on a package which he dropped off at a home in California it was apparently caught on camera the recipient says he noticed the package was wet so he checked his ring doorbell camera and saw the delivery man spit and wipe it on the box this as the deadly coronavirus grips the country an Amazon spokesperson told the unhappy customer that driver is no longer making deliveries Christine Persichetti fox news it turns out a decision to do right by their employees during the corona virus outbreak was a good business decision for the owners of the New Jersey restaurant boxes Jane Metzler explains instead of shutting the doors and laying off all twenty employees during the corona virus pandemic brothers Brian and Michael Moran owners of Federico is pizza at the Jersey Shore in Belmar New Jersey took at a fifty thousand dollar line of credit promising to keep workers on the payroll for at least two months some of those employees worked at the pizzeria for more than a decade the head cooks been there for twenty two years well we're got around and customers decided to pay it forward donating money now approaching two thousand dollars a day to send pizzas to local hospitals along with police and fire departments and EMS squads J. Metzler fox news well before the Olympics were postponed Japan appear to have the coronavirus infection contained now Tokyo's cases are spiking and the city's governor is requesting people stay at home and is even hinting at a possible hard lockdown the sudden rise in Tokyo's virus cases and the government's strong actions immediately after the Olympic postponement have raised questions about whether Japan understated the extent of its outbreak I.

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