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So at least eleven of sixteen games every year. Are in very friendly. And cozy environments. Nine being in domes that helps that's why to me what Tom Brady's able to accomplish playing in Boston having a play in New York. He gets a play Miami once a year buffalo stinks, especially get to go there in December. Forget it. Peyton Manning got the plane, a domain games a year until he went to Denver. So to me, Tom Brady is the most impressive. Any Brett farve is impressive to haven't had to play in Green Bay. But the reality is as incredible as seventy two thousand yards are factor in the time period that drew Brees is playing and I mean, come on in thirteen years. He's throwing for sixty thousand yards. What do you think? Dan Marino who is the only God every five thousand yards by the way, when you think about Dan Marino's five thousand yards season. He threw for that many yards. This is what's incredible about that statistic? Guys were barely touching four thousand yards. When Dan Marino got the five. Don, Makovsky member him the magic man for the Packers got to four thousand yards of people like, wow, it's unbelievable. Okay. Dan Marino when he got five thousand yards. It was as if Wayne Gretzky got to two hundred points and ninety two goals that year when the record high for points. I think it was one hundred sixty seven he's shattered the total Dan Marino shattered the record. I mean, it wasn't even close. Now guys are passed get by within a hundred yards. You know, if drew Brees loses the record this year. It's not going to be by. So by somebody hit six thousand yards. It's gonna be like fifty five hundred or fifty four ninety eight beat up by fourteen. So it's a nice detested. But the most important statistic that drew Brees has, but it's just not quite good enough to where you put them in the same boat as manning who I mean manning even one multiple rings to Brady's one five now farve only one one. But I think there's always limitations with five right? When we talk about far, unless you're a die hard Packers fan, and you just have breakfast glasses you wear Wrangler jeans. You do realize Brett farve have a lot had a lot of faults over three hundred interceptions. Made some dumb throws that cost him important playoff games. And that's what it comes down to. So it's just a case where when you really look at drew Brees. And this statistic, I'm not saying put an Asterix on it. That's not what I'm saying here. But what I am saying is the reality. Is you have to see exactly how he is able to accomplish this goal. Now. What's going to be impressive? Is this drew Brees will get eighty thousand yards? You don't think he's at eight thousand more yards in them. Well, here's what's amazing. He's gonna throw for another three thousand plus yards. This year barring injury, right. He's gonna be at seventy five thousand yards at the end of this year. At the end of next year. He's gonna be in that seventy eight to eighty thousand range. Do you think he's slowing down? We talk about. Tom Brady's amazing at forty one. You know what drew Brees is doing this year? Through four and a half games. He has thrown ten touchdowns. No interceptions. He is also now reached over fifteen hundred yards in four and a half games. Drew Brees isn't slowing down either at thirty nine. And as we talked about he plays in more favourable conditions where he's gonna last longer. And let's not forget this day and age you can't touch quarterbacks Brett farve played. He took some shots. Right. When Dan Marino played you could hit a Mark Gastineau can rip his head off gas? No was crazy. Need would rip off heads? It was a different time or quarterbacks. Didn't have the protection that drew Brees has today. I looked at the list of the top yardage totals of quarterbacks in NFL history. Let me give you something here. Number one, number two and number three year old guys that we've seen plan our lifetime. And I don't mean like ten years ago. We Brett farve retired what six years ago. Right paint retired two years ago. Drew Brees is still playing Brady's number four on that list. I think or number five on that list. He's still playing he's going to get the seventy thousand yards. He's over sixty seven thousand yards. Number six seven and eight. It's like roughly, align manning, Ben Rothlisberger and Philip rivers. Now, they're not going to get to seventy thousand yards. I don't think they will. But they're number six seven and eight in terms of all time passing yards. So when you look at football today at least seven or six of the top ten guys are current players or have just recently retired doesn't that tell you? It's more the time buried than anything Matt Ryan's gonna beat all these guys, by the way. Matt Ryan is what thirty years old thirty one years old that Ryan's over forty thousand passing yards already. And he's been in this league. What nine years ten years think about that? Four thousand yards three thousand yards thirty three years. He's thirty three years older than we thought. Yeah. Yeah. Forty thousand forty thousand yards at thirty three forty three thousand forty three thousand. Okay. So you know, what give them nother four thousand per year at least five years that puts them at sixty three thousand he could hit seventy thousand yards in today's NFL. And the in the way the trend is going. He could hit seventy thousand yards as well. Congratulations to drew Brees. I just wonder what Dan Marino's numbers would be playing in the NFL today with the rules are in place today and the passing offense of today. What do you think Sean he'd be the first eight thousand yards one hundred thousand? Yeah. Yeah, you're not. You're not crazy. That's how much better Marino was than his contemporaries. No one else do for that many yards wouldn't even close. Unfortunately, didn't win the big one. The big one doesn't get the respect that a lot of people think he deserves. Although, you know, what when you start hearing these numbers, maybe does put Marino more in focus because he was putting up these type a numbers at a time. When obviously others were not drew Brees is putting up these numbers at a time where others are putting up these types of numbers. This is not you know, he's not the unicorn right now. Arena was a unicorn back. Then where do you rank drew Brees as far as quarterbacks are concerned in his era? I would say fourth clearly fourth. Well, you take manning. Yup. Yep. You take Rogers. There's no argument there is no archipelagos. He's at least fourth right? So what does that say you take that says a lot detailed rothlisburger with three rings? You've got to have three or twos. Two to. No. You can't no. But you know, what the law? I can't hold it against you know, Brees where he plays and the system is played in. But the other guy that has a chance to. Yeah. Better drew Brees. But not yet. I don't see him throwing for he's a four thousand yard guy as a matter. I mean, if he wins another Super Bowl October also, well you're talking about in the in the hierarchy of quarterbacks. Yeah. Generation. Yeah. He's at least fourth even with these numbers spread forth. Breezes better than five I always felt a Brett farve a slightly overrated because people like that ruggedness people like that he could take kids he played all those games in a row. Poprad farve at times is a stupid quarterback. He made stupid decisions, and he's got to pay for it in terms of the rankings. I don't put Brett farve ahead of drew Brees. I don't because I respect those across the field. Intercepted throws that cost and playoff games and cost the Packers games. Those are dumplings. Drew Brees doesn't make those stupid throws the way that Brett farve did so no farms great. He's not greater than drew Brees. Sorry, brad. Not at all. All right. We have to get some baseball here. I mean, it's just utterly insane. What is going on a Yankee Stadium? It has to be said. I mean, I I have to do it. If I'm going to sit in Ripa David price who deserves to be ripped..

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