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The bouncing ball. Let's check sports gym colony. Thank you, Kevin. And Good morning, everyone. It's Thursday already, and we still don't know when the Steelers are going to play in Tennessee. Sunday's game postponed it could be Monday, possibly Tuesday. The NFL wants to leave time for test One more Titans test came back positive, All others so far negative. All Mike Tomlin can do in the meantime, is I'll be Mike Tomlin. We're open to your allies in any information or technology or tools at our disposal, invested here to the protocols being prescribed to us and and that's just been our general attitude. Throughout all of this, we realized There's gonna be some an easiness and uncertainty in 2020. We're not running away from it. We embrace it. We'll get an injury Update after today's practice Thursday night football tonight on the fan, the Broncos and Jets Westwood one coverage beginning at eight o'clock. It's home against NC state Saturday afternoon. Pat Narduzzi agrees of for no start would be big. It really could, you know, like Pat Jones said earlier. You were looking at want to know. You know, nobody cares what we've done in the past and will be evaluated. Everything will be evaluated on what we do this week. So it's it's my job to make sure there Obviously you already physically ready mentally to go into that game and try to dominate opponent this weekend. The Panthers are favored by two touchdowns. It's a noon kickoff on the fan. Major league playoffs, The Astros Rays and Yankees all advanced to the divisional round. There are five games today, starting at noon. Meanwhile, Derrick Shelton's first season is Piratesmanager didn't go all that well. But he says it wasn't a complete failure that the players get it during our accident. Err views they were they articulated very well. The expectations were and however, continue to grow the tire center ENVIRON It sounds like next season, they won't get a whole lot of outside help from the Pittsburgh Senior benefits Advisor Sports Desk. I'm Jim Colony. NewsRadio, 10 20, Katy K Sports Online on video and on your radio. It's the Katy K Radio Morning show Larry, Richard and Kevin Battle. Hi Brad Sham here for Sam Pak and his 65 star dealerships where he's been taking care of North Texans for more than 40 years, Sam has 45 star Ford dealerships, five star Subaru Grapevine and five star Chevrolet of Carol. Interest rates are super low right now, Trade values are at record highs, and the factory incentives are fantastic across the board..

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