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A grades. It's better than his cupcake. Trickle tell you that much. That was a good stunt. Oh, don't go there. Is the guy in the San Francisco Giants Twist his cupcake to the A one of that answer. Yeah. I can't cut guy probably doesn't eat dessert. He's in baseball shape. You know what I mean? He's what he's trying to make the majors Portola Cologne used to put his mouth under a soft serve machine. Speaking of Bartolo Cologne, that dude who you claim to be more athletic than is 48 years old and threw a complete game yesterday or Saturday in the Mexican League. He plays in 90 pitches 70 strikes. Nine and complete game because if there was any doubt now it's gone. You were not a better athlete than Bartolo Colon Dude. He's in like the fourth independent League of Mexican Baseball, Me and you could throw complete games in that league. I'm sure if we asked them nicely, they would let you try to do it and you would not even see the second inning physically, mentally emotionally. So let's get this done. And why do you think no major league teams sign of article and they know they know it's a fraudulent league. I'm not saying he's a major leaguer. I'm just saying once again that you are not a better athlete than him Stop. All right, well, we're gonna take a break here and we're going to leave as much time here on the back end for this as possible. I do have another brown's chief steak, but Long awaited recap of what went down. In the float tank with me. And if you saw the tweet yesterday, the aftermath that ensue is troubling. We break it all down next at Morales, CBS at Andrew, Bogus 855 to 1 to 4 to 27. It's float tank..

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