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They're better angels the director of the National Institutes of Health Dr Francis Collins says and I'm quoting him now the unfortunate mix of science and politics is contributing to vaccine hazardously what are you doing to counteract those fears among your residents of Miami Beach and I'm sure many of them have those fears that a vaccine might not be safe and effective even if they hear it is, let's say from the president. I think they're going to listen. We have really and I think really because of this abdication, of leadership. We're in a pickle right now everywhere, people don't trust each other they don't trust science they don't trust obvious a healthcare direction. So in in that situation, we don't know what to tell anybody. I'm begging people to wear masks are police, officers, and code officers come up to people who are not wearing a mask, put themselves in peril to get them to wear masks we give masks away free and then. We see the president holding rallies where he doesn't seem to care becky's relishing it. People don't have faith in government right now in the and by the way that's that's all you really have when you don't have vaccine, you need people to have need people to listen and we need to be on the same page. You certainly do mayor, Dan, Gelber Miami, beach as usual. Thanks so much for joining us. It's. A quick note to our viewers. Be Sure to watch CNN tomorrow night for a live presidential town hall with Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden he joins our own Anderson Cooper in Scranton Pennsylvania. Again, it's tomorrow eight PM Eastern only here on CNN and stay with us We have an updated forecast now on tropical storm Sally is heading plus an update on all the other storms out of the Atlantic and we're waiting for president trump to start taking reporters questions at a White House briefing much more of our coverage coming up. We're following the breaking news truly punishing rain epic flooding going on in Florida and Alabama. It's being unleashed by what's now tropical storm Sally. I want to get some more on all the breaking news. The Orange Beach Alabama Bayer Tony Kennon is joining us right now mayor. Thank you so much for joining us. How bad is the damage? How bad is the flooding from this storm where you are Saying. Thirty hours ago they should've been nothing more than a nuisance rainy that but sally took a hard right there at the last minute and jumped from category one to. Category Two at twenty inches of rain or more. It was devastating amount of flooding trees down we're our only Ivan. Meterologist devastating. Long straights you can't move around the island. We're GONNA have to do a lot of work just to get mobile. How about the people where you are you are in Orange Beach. What can you tell us had there been rescues? How are the folks doing? Yeah, we had a significant amount of spirits are razz level last night. So between about twelve in daylight, we ran one, hundred, twenty plus. Emergency a We have much sixty people in the saw in our REC center they were rescued in it. It was really Harry there for a while gotTA give. World police and fire who didn't hesitate got into Star and went after those folks that were need. And I understand what your entire island is without power right now, any idea when it might be restored. That is correct. We don't know a low county got hit hard throughout. So we think there's some transmission line issues. It slows the process now, but we still have so much water is just really hard to get around and assess but I think Tamar will lead to a we celebrate the process and hopefully give something owned by the weekend. Originally the storm looked like it would miss your area of Alabama at clearly didn't Miss Your area where people caught by surprise where they ready To some degree I mean you know within twenty four hours everything Jiang's from A nuisance event to serious. Storm. With a tremendous amount of rain and. Most. Do not take it that serious north. because. Satan storm that strongly to the right at the last minute and then accelerate from a eighty mile in our eighty amount were stolen two, hundred ten. This. Just that was. It was a freak but We. We're going to be fired. We've been through this before and we'll get to work tomorrow and bounce lack I'm sure you will the Orange Beach, Alabama, mayor, Tony Kennon to you all the folks over there. Thank you so much for joining us. Thank you for having fish to check on. All right. Thank you and stay with us. We're waiting for president trump to start answering reporters questions at a White House briefing will go there stay with us. We'll be right back. facebook continues to take critical steps to better secure their platforms that includes more than tripling safety and security teams to thirty five thousand people and partnering with Security, researchers and law enforcement. They support updating Internet regulations to address today's challenges and hold companies including. There's accountable for combating foreign election interference, protecting people's privacy and enabling safe and easy data portability between platforms learn more at about dot F. B. Dot com slash. Regulation. Are the president's now taking questions from reporters at the White House public likely would not be available until probably next summer maybe even early fall are you comfortable with that time? Now I think he made a mistake when he said that it's just incorrect information. And I called him. And he didn't tell me that and I, think you got the message maybe confused maybe it was stated incorrectly now we're ready to go immediately as the vaccine is announced and it could be announced in October could be announced a little bit after October. About once we go, we're ready. As you know FIS as making this taking a tremendous financial risk and they're spending billions of dollars on actually making this vaccine during the stage where they're actually making it. Because, they feel very confident as to the results. He'll be announcing results fairly soon. And no he's that's incorrect information. We're away. Yeah. I think. So I don't think he means that I don't think he when he said it. I believe he was confused I I'm just telling you. We're ready to go for soon as the vaccine happens you want to see it available a time I would say that. We will start distributing immediately. General public very shortly. There I mean it really to the general public immediately when we go we go. We're not looking to say, Gee, six months we're start giving it to the general public. We Wanna go immediately. No, it was an incorrect statement. I saw the statement I called him I said, what did you mean by that? And I think he just made a mistake. He just made a mistake I. Think you misunderstood the question probably. Timeline on when every person in America will be able to get it back seen what would that I think would be very soon I think our distribution press is going to go very quickly I told you we've engaged the military we have a general who's in charge of all logistics who deliver soldiers he's Fantastic guy is supposed to be fantastic at what he does and we figured that's better than any company you're going to hire. You can't tire company like that and I we looked to Do, distribution immediately after we get the word that it's good and I think they're having tremendous success with vaccine itself I think the results will be early and strong. The safety has to be one hundred percent and we're going to insist on that and obviously.

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