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But I mean, yeah, I get. I get the same thing when I leave my phone behind and take my sailor. Apple watch out into the world. But the difference is this is actually an Android phone that has apps and stuff on it. Yeah, and and it's a second phone that you still have to put in your pocket. So yeah, I guess I want to say I that I do kinda get the fields because my favorite smartphone on record that I've ever owned was the palm Centro. I loved that phone so much. It's quirky, tactile keyboard was the greatest ever and the day that I dropped on the ground and the LCD screen broke was just so tragic. But this new phone to me seems more along the lines of a. I don't know, it's it's it's for group of people who has enough expendable income that they can actually afford to buy a second phone and pay as second price each month on top of their whatever their current plan is for their cell phone company. So I'm really curious what the market is for it, but you know, there's definitely a number of people in the US that could can. They're part of that group, but there it's a small group. I don't know. You know, I totally agree with the comment that I wonder how many people are going to have three hundred fifty dollars to spend on a bonus phone. That's apps. That's that's absolutely spot on I but I can't help. But think that this there's a, there's a place for smaller phones that are really, really inexpensive that are that really are like satellite phones. Not not. I think that this, that this poem phone is over conceptualized. I think they're making too big. A deal out of saying here is it's when you when you try to market something, it's a phone, your phone, the I think the most the natural reaction is had, but if you say, but if you say, wouldn't you, this is a, this is a hundred dollar phone for a four. The times when you're.

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