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Subsequently, he's running some major races and he's made $700,000, like he's, you know, it's kind of earned that spot. I think that's I think I'm thinking of the right horse. I could be wrong, but I'm almost positive at three years. But yeah, I think a fun addition to this race and like I said, there's a little wrinkle because we've seen a lot of these horses running against each other. Now the whitmore stakes, which is a grade three event goes off a couple races before the Essex, there's certainly a little bit of overlap, but there's a lot of like allowance optional claimer types that are kind of trying to jump up and see if they belong in this space. Hollis to the outside figures at least on the morning line this year, your favorite at three to one. I know he's not bob's edges. I'm sorry because bob's edge be Hal's two starts back house came back nicely last time at an optional lady, but hollows to me is the, I guess, the proven class of the field, but if you look at it really, I mean, he's just he's won a lot of optional 80 type races. So he just seems to have a bigger name because he beat Nashville a couple starts ago. And so, you know, whether or not he's proven at this level, I guess he is kind of unproven still. But bob's edge, who is the favorite, you know, won the king cotton last time out. And has run it a few other Oklahoma type stakes, but same thing. This is a race filled with a lot of optional 80 horses. I mean, if you go through the PPE, you see that condition a lot. And then we have really in bed for Carl broberg, who's been on this insane winning streak this horse. He's won 14 of his last 18. He lost four back at the Thanksgiving at fairgrounds behind just my, then there's not really a whole lot of, you know, losing to just might ain't the worst thing in the world, but back up to try. In fact, I think for the first time, try great at stakes competition and hot horse and good form, going to a track he's only run once happen. He ran pretty darn good last time, but he was one to two. He's supposed to win that race and he did. So I'm real curious to see if Hollis can kind of turn things around just because he's been so impressive at that lower level, but making that jump is a different thing. There's kind of a hot horse in here as well to lane tryst for a cheri devoe who got off to a pretty good start and one nicely in his second career start. They tried the woody Stevens. He didn't run horrendously. I mean his beat ten links, but Jackie's warrior drained the clock. I mean, that's deep waters. And then one is non two at Churchill became right back in one option of 40 here fairgrounds by a lot and it just seemed like that move from three to four like he took a bit of a step forward there and I think in a little bit of a price kind of belongs in the spot, you know, looking to be a little contrarian here where from Hollywood because I think Hollis and bob's Edgar are going to take a lot of money. I know they're 5 to two and three to one, but it seems like they would take a fair bit of money. The optics has me really interested in knee deep in snow, the number four horse for Mike maker, who, as I said recently, has not been, you know, I guess he just has not been the dominating Mike maker that we thought, but I mean, his percentages aren't down that much. It just seems, you know, 16%, but I always thought of him as like a 2022% guy and he's 16% for last year and a half, but it seems like every meat I look at, he's like, you know, 13, 15%, which, you know, I don't know, it just seems like the horses aren't quite where they were in years past. But this is kind of a classic mic maker thing, right? Claimed somewhat older horse, the source was 5, was running in turf sprints, moved into the dirt, ran okay first time for them. We got beat by mucho, who's very, very good. In a non conditional allowance at Oklahoma, but then one optional 62 5, they tried some stakes, got beat by Greeley and Ben and others, but was in the hunt. And I think just kind of if he could take that one more step forward an interesting horse there at Oklahoma park. One of the race wanted to touch on before we leave you for the weekend, and as I said, that they never drew the Gulf Stream park race. I wanted to look at the hutcheson before before I go, but it's not been drawn and showtime needs to be posted here shortly. But the cicada, I think, is that how it's pronounced cicada like those bugs? Cicada steaks at aqueduct. Like I said, aqueducts got a pretty good little Saturday card kind of intrigued by that. But three year old Philly steak at 6 furlongs, so sprint for the recently turned, I guess they're not newly turned. Anymore. We're almost a third of the way through a quarter of the way through the year. They're no longer newly turned. But sweet solari for a horacio de Paz and Trevor McCarthy, of course, been kind of fun to watch Trevor have a big winter there in aqueduct, and this one had a pretty nice maiden breaking effort. And it's one of those races where you're getting a lot of horses who have broke the maiden kind of seeing if they belong in stakes combination, ray handel has monsoon, who was a good maid breaker restricted against or one again restricted company at Saratoga last year as a two year old, but we have not seen that horse back. So she comes back. So you're getting a number of those maidens kind of coming out of, you're trying to match up who had the better maiden race. But there are a couple who have proven against winners, lady Scarlett from Mike maker, has won against winners, lady milagro for Carlos Martin has won against winters, winters. It's the end of my week. I get a break. I just want to guess winners twice, but is a total need to lead type and as is the case with a lot of younger horse races like there's just a ton of speed in here. I mean, almost everybody has been on the lead early in their races or right off of it. And so I just don't know where the plot's not out yet for optics. I'm really curious to see because I don't know where and who is going to prove that they can come from off it. Now, lady scarlet did come from just off it. She was basically part of a three way duel though. She just happened to be third at the first call. She's only neck behind. So I don't necessarily consider that coming from off the pace. And something is going to have to give somebody is going to have to be able to come from office. Now, exalt the Chad Brown horse did come from a length off, I guess. So maybe she's the one to move forward and come off that. But something has to give and I look forward to seeing what it is. We will wrap up this edition of the program appreciate you guys tuning in all week long, big thanks to Joe Christopher, big thanks to Brian net out for joining us this week. As I said next week we'll have two guests plus a roundtable with Gary palmisano and Frank mcgoey. So technically we'll have four guests, but it'll be over three days. We'll recap all the weekend action that comes up on Monday and look forward to doing that. Everybody have a great rest of your Thursday. We'll see you back on Monday..

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