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Hooked up who okay? Moving on. Thank you. Thank you. Let's move over into the nine thirty games. We have arsenal eleven win streak arsenal. Versus Crystal Palace arsenal. Minus one thirty one Krista palace a plus three thirty to draw plus three a one the over under is three goals at minus one ten for the over the under is minus one ten as well for the under Martin. I bet on this game too. And it's going to bite me in the ass. All ready. No, I don't give a shit. I'm riding high with arsenal. I bet on arsenal. I have arsenal wing this outright. I'm saying another three one rout of Crystal Palace. Yeah. I mean, the only thing that ours. No has working guest them is that you bet on them. And that is like a curse and a half itself. I refuse to bet on Manchester. Not at any point like I don't care if they're going up against a hunter's fielder. Newcastle like I'm just knocking Beddoe mentions. Not because the second. I'd do it. Curses the team. But I think our snow is just flying. So fucking high right now under you, lock of are just hitting on all the strikes, and you know, I has this tactic of, you know, starting either lock or balmy Yang then in the sixty th minute he brings on the other and it just tears defenses apart. We saw it against LeicesteR. And I think we're going to see it in just bigger fashion against Crystal Palace. Oh, I got a agree with you another dominating performance. I'm saying that although gets another. Brace and it's just continuing on the arsenal hype train until hopefully it inevitably crashes. Yeah. I watch is awesome. Youtube video they got what's it called posted yesterday? If you guys want to check it out, it's called arsenal tactics under Emory. It's by T fo- football. I just looked it up while you were talking. I was listening. But I have to get it. No. I'm just I wanted to make sure I was pronounced right? But it's a phenomena. It's almost like one of those vox videos, kind of things where like, yeah, I've seen it. Yeah. It's it's super fucking great channel. They do as Milan they do like a bunch of teams arsenal one yet. Yeah. It was just posted like yesterday, and it came up under like my like feed, and I was like oh shit. It's just going to watch just unroll my pants a little for this one. Yeah, I'm just so infatuated with Emory and like what he's done at the club. I mean. Two points off the top that's wild. I would not my wildest dreams. I would think we'd be like towards like mid table right now just him trying to get his shit together. You know, and the way he's just like organized and put like fire under the feet of these players Hector, Bella written getting amazing assists and not modeling. I think he's still modeling. You know, he's definitely modeling Instagram post. Other day started hitting him all over again. No, I'm not hitting if he can look pretty and give amazing assists than sitters ozo- and Bobby on a bomb young seven the time of his life. He's just like, oh, it's just like I how can I miss these sitters like fucking Denny won't Becca scoring a lot this season for him like respectively. Like, what is what is going on with my club? I feel like I'm in like the fuck and bizarro world or I'm living in a time before I like when I should have been watching arsenal back in the way, early two thousands by sort of watching during the kind of decline of the winger area era..

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