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But on the line with us as Michael Vick. Now, my how enjoy playing in the AFL this year. I really enjoyed it. Just having the chance to go out and toss the ball around the ball, open receivers, look at a defense. Why guys move something? I was really accustomed to and have a lot of fun doing when I played in the National Football League in college football and. This door to brought back. A lot of memories where I feel like, you know, I can get out there and play again, and some of the memories that are had no win play. Kinda came back saying, guys, come open and seeing the send the second guy. So it was a great experience. I had a ton of fun. Was gonna be a lot more fun doing that without people that can actually hit you right Yeah, that's that's probably the biggest perk that you get out of it. Not having to worry about getting not your, but now what's the skill level in the league? I think it's fair. Some of the guys afresh out some of these guys have play for five years and still have a lot of trick and and not a lot of wear and tear. So you know, the guys are moving quick. You know, I feel like you know the response to, you know, several plays and in recognition, the instincts were they on on the defensive side of the ball, and no guys really came to play. So as long as you approach it with eleven competition, you know that that the highest mindset you know to go out and they have and I think you know, I think it makes a good competitive game. Now, how strong is that sense of competition that spirit just walleye on a scale of one ten, I give it about nine and a half. I mean, like. I said the game since I was leaving your plan for big purse, you know, guys bring a little more to the table, and I felt like that was the case along with, you know, not being buried to a not, you know, letting the guy go out there and now to make you the back for like that up the level of competition. Now you talked a bit about some of those guys being fresh out legally. How do the younger guys respond to meeting you? I mean, because people that age being Michael Vick means something different. Yeah, it was cool all the guys, they respect. I respected them as well for their crap and what they've been through, what they, you know how they're trying to accomplish. But you know, they really, they let me. Big bro. And you know, almost paid the way this is for that. You know who play on the defense side of the ball on me play receiver. They felt like at some point, you know, in their life, they found themselves on the football, whether it was in in in high school or college, you know, trying to imitate something and I may have done and twenty football works, man, you'd think they'd being the quarterback. You know, the guys get interceptions on defense hill. They get the ball in their hands. Don't want to imitate a guy. So I think that's really cool. Man. You guys are on the spectrum and you know being able to be apart, you know this guys like is a good experience for them. Now, how many guys have you come across so far that faster than you? Not too many, but I tell you what I was more quick than I was fast. So I know guy when I see, you know, defense twitch much of moving and especially in their hips. I can. The they'll size guy quick and it's a big difference. Some guys don't get into their stride takes awhile and some guys, you know, just, you know, really, really quick out of their breaks and then they can just hit it and go. But I have random pitcher, many guys who were faster than me, especially in print. See, I was apprised that you would even admit that there were any other like Joey Galloway. I think to this day is not emitted. Anybody's passing him..

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