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From ABC news I'm Michelle Franzen president trump's White House doctor releasing the corona virus test results for the president they are negative for the virus ABC's Andy field is in Washington with more presence been exposed to several people who tested positive for the corona virus but did not take the test until Friday I decided I should based on the press conference yesterday people asking that I take to task doctor saying the president does not have the virus the White House adding restrictions on taking visitors temperatures to make sure it stays that way Andy field ABC news Washington nearly every state in the nation with one exception of West Virginia has reported cases of covert nineteen ABC's Diane Macedo has more on the struggle for states to expand testing and implement plans trying to curb the number of cases still on the rise of president is promising a website to help streamline the testing process but questions are mounting about that this is nationwide at least forty six thousand schools have closed keeping some twenty six million students at home the common complaint lack of thorough testing local governments are trying to catch up with drive thru testing sites in San Francisco Seattle Denver Birmingham all the way to new Rochelle New York where residents with symptoms have to call a hotline to schedule a test each city has a different protocol nearly sixty people have died here in the US from the new virus that's caused a pandemic globally travel restrictions in place for much of Europe Monday those bands will expand to the UK and Ireland last night major delays as Americans returned on flights long lines including at Chicago's o'hare New York JFK in Dallas fort worth Texas resident Dorothy lows as she waited for three hours a DFW that I am more concerned about you know where the people are traveling that are around me Monday may or may not have been better when security officials say they are working to try.

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