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On one meeting and learn how you can take your business beyond and Prince William county. Good morning, it's 7 38. And its traffic and weather on the 8s and update here with Jack and the traffic center. All right, we had a delay in Maryland coming out of Frederick on two 70 running in the southbound direction. It is greatly beginning to improve now leaving urbana headed toward one O 9 just crowded. There was a big early delay, the wreck before 80 in urbana had been blocking the left plane unclear if there's even anything still there. We are a little delayed out of Middletown as you run 70 east bound the earlier wreck that was out in your mile post 50, cleared from the roadway, but still causing a little bit of a slowdown. Silver Spring, southbound New Hampshire avenue near crest haven drive, the wreck head just to right lane getting by. Down in Indian head, chicken mugs and road near Hawthorne road, two 24 at near two 25, where do they broken down bus? Be careful there. You're going to find 50 in Maryland. Oh, we're getting a little heavier inside the beltway westbound after four ten moving into the district, slowest traffic seems to ease after you cross the anacostia going into northeast. There's still a delay south of town on the inner loop. It's approaching two ten down toward the Wilson bridge. Looking pretty decent in Virginia, we're heavy, inner loop of the beltway approaching Braddock road toward two 36, volume only 66 east manassas into Centreville, then around one 23 to the beltway. Same on 95 coming out of woodbridge into newington, little heavy on three 95 running up through landmark, then again to cross the 14th. An earlier rec with a vehicle fired closed for sale road in manassas between dumfries road and Khan's road, you may still find some equipment on scene. Going into the district, we are slower, third street tunnel north, riding up toward New York avenue, and definitely on the brakes on D.C. two 95, trying to go south toward east, capital street. Join the YMCA today with zero enrollment fees and move forward toward achieving your health and wellness goals. Enjoy playing pickleball, tennis, swimming, and getting a great workout. Visit YM, CA, D.C. dot org to learn more. Jack Taylor TOP traffic. Not a storm team four and Mike stun. Claudia skies today, the wind is going to pick up over the next several hours. We'll see a rain moving in from the south this afternoon and by sunset that rain could be heavy at times, especially across

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