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And did you think about basement of vienna virginia right having no entertainment experience at all to being fortunate enough to build a franchise export science and then having the sports world interested in what you have to say that's like a crazy journey were that wasn't even the a tense from where we originally started what what asserted a podcast i'm your host paul rabl for request player in new york and with team usa muscle an entrepreneur investor and on my show i sit down with worldclass guess who are highperformers and thought innovators to explore their psychology of decisionmaking making their playbook of tools at strategies related to sports entertainment and business in today's guest is john break us he is the sports science guy the man with his brother who started production company in their basement built several properties from scratch unlicensed them to espn if way i bet asked move and have brought the science data analytics to life in athletes and sports sports science showcases how the likes of ben roethlisberger drop that diamond to san antonio homes his hands the super bowl final drive against the arizona cardinals to the ben in novi stick on a slapshot two weijiang carlos stands followthrough after making contact with the bat and ball actually doesn't matter to what it feels like get tackle by ray lewis that kind of stuff if you haven't seen the show i suggest you do they've won six emmys jay bs college major was a rhetoric communication studies the theory of the argument he's very good at that and at media interviewing being interviewed and the whole nine really i was outmatched put very humbled to host him even talks about how to hack the presidential election in the future i asked him about 2024 when we export would would take to run and win with the electoral college vote enjoy my conversation with media mogul entrepreneur and investor john break us at our offices in baltimore.

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