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Jack Callahan, Wuhan, China discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


Faces liking it a Chinese city by Jack Callahan fox news will lock down may be over in Wuhan where it started but in another part of China people have been ordered to stay inside this in the northeast city of safe on her along the Russian border twenty five new cases of the virus reported there Tuesday China's state run media blames people crossing the border for importing the infections many health experts say China has been less than forthcoming with what it knows about the virus secretary of state Mike Pompeo telling the task force briefing there still data that these good people need so that they can perform their analysis of out of both develop therapeutics in a vaccine and to understand where this viruses so every country China included every country needs to be transparent about what's going on in their country the secretary would not say what actions against China may be under consideration Iran admits to four thousand deaths from the virus now the country's supreme leader suggesting mass gatherings may be bad through the holy Muslim fasting month of Ramadan which begins two weeks from now New York times is charging that indecision and inaction by governor Andrew Cuomo and mayor bill de Blasio made the outbreak worse in New York City where nearly forty six hundred people died governor Cuomo telling his brother on CNN he had to be deliberate for you close down your question you're closing down one of the economic engines on this call all the time says fifty to eighty percent of the city's infections could have been prevented by quicker action with the curve appearing to flatten president trump telling the task force briefing Wednesday his hopes for easing restrictions by Easter may not be that far off I don't think we're gonna be very far behind in some of these models are looking like each is going to be a very important date anyway because of the current missed hitting the top but it's starting to come down but Wednesday was the deadliest day for the virus in the U. S. so far America is.

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Jack Callahan, Wuhan, China discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory

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